7 Brides Reveal Why They Didn't Wear White on Their Wedding Day

Updated 08/20/15

Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

Who says you have to wear white when you walk down the aisle? Not these women!

"I didn't wear white when I got married simply because white doesn't look good on me! Obviously I wanted to wear my best so I wore cream, which is much more flattering." — Sarah

"Since I work in fashion, the idea of wearing white to my wedding was a snore. I wore a radiant pink. As did Jessica Biel, so I'm in good company." — Tami

"I tried on white wedding dresses and I thought who am I kidding? I'm already pasty white, and I'm no virgin so let's quit with farce. My mother had visions of me in Cinderella white tulle and spun sugar fluff so she's very disappointed. I designed my perfect dress in hydrangea blue and looked beautiful." — Linda

"Gold is my favorite color so that's what I wore on my wedding day — a gold-sequined, boat neck sheath. My husband was blown away when he saw me walking up the aisle toward him." — Karen

"This may sound a little weird but I never wear dresses. Like Hillary Clinton, I'm comfortable in pantsuits, so that's what I wore at my wedding." — Debi

"It was my second wedding. We married on the beach in St. Lucia with my five-year-old daughter from my first marriage. The attire was casual to say the least — bathing suits." — Jill

"I was a 35-year-old raging feminist humor writer marrying a TV/film writer. I wanted to wear black at a loud, late-night splashy different kind of dance party in downtown Manhattan with a D.J. where my husband's father could marry us in a casual civil ceremony. The party was filled with smoke, laughter, booze and 250 poet-and-painter pals disco-reggae-and-rap-dancing till 4 A.M." — Sue

Sherry Amatenstein is a New York City-based marriage therapist and author.

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