Who Pays for the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Outfits?

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Now that you've asked your bridesmaids and groomsmen to be in your wedding party, it's on to your littlest attendants: the flower girl and ring bearer. Watching the kids make their way down the aisle can be one of the most charming moments of the wedding ceremony. But who pays for their cute wedding-day outfits? Do you and your groom cover the costs? Or are the children's parents supposed to pay? Our etiquette experts are here to answer your wedding-party questions in our daily post.

Who pays for the ring bearer and flower girl outfits?

Just as adult members of a wedding party typically pay for their own attire, the same etiquette applies to your littlest attendants. Usually, the parents pay for their children's clothing; pick a couple of styles that you like (just be sure they aren't too expensive) and then let their parents choose the option that works best. However, if you have something very specific in mind that you'd like the kids to wear, then it's a thoughtful gesture to buy the flower girl's dress and/or ring bearer's suit for them as a gift, if your budget allows. (It's also a good idea to choose outfits they'll be able to wear again after the wedding.) Once you've decided how you are going to handle it, bring it up to the parents when you ask their permission for the children to participate in your wedding. That way, there won't be any confusion about who pays for what down the road.

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