Who Typically Pays for the Engagement Party?

Updated 05/23/14

Jessica Craig-Martin

Your boyfriend just proposed, and now it's time to celebrate the happy news with your friends and family members with an engagement party. But who traditionally hosts and pays for this celebration? Do the couples' parents typically plan and pay for the party? Or do most couples throw it themselves? Our wedding-etiquette experts are here to answer your engagement-party questions in our daily post.

Who typically pays for the engagement party?

Traditionally, the bride's parents host the couple's engagement party. However, like many etiquette rules, this one has changed over the years, and these days pretty much anyone close to the couple is welcome to plan and pay for the engagement party. However, the bride's parents should still get the first chance to throw it. Also, it's perfectly fine to not have an engagement party at all or to have two—perhaps in the bride's and groom's hometowns. If the groom's parents would like to plan a party as well, they should check with the bride's parents regarding dates, as their celebration should occur after the bride's parents' party.

And the most important thing to remember is that anyone invited to an engagement party must also be invited to the wedding, so the party host needs to work with the couple to compile the engagement-party guest list. And if you aren't sure of the size of your wedding just yet, it's better to limit the invites to those you are certain you will also invite to the wedding.

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