Who Should Help Me Put On My Wedding Dress?

Samm Blake

You've picked a wedding dress, gone to fittings, planned the day, and gotten your hair and makeup done. Now's the time to put on your bridal gown, but you can't do it alone. So who should be in the room zipping zippers and buttoning buttons? Here are a few ideas from our experts.

The most traditional option for who to have help you put your dress on is Mom. She's been there for you since day one, so why not have her there on your wedding day? There's also a good chance she was with you when you picked out your dress and at least one fitting, meaning she's seen how to get your dress on and is probably familiar with your bustle. Want to keep the moment family-only? Consider asking your sister to step in to help with all the buttons.

Another common choice is to have your maid of honor be the one who helps put your dress on. She may do it alone, giving the two of you a moment of peace and calm, or she might have all your bridesmaids behind her to point out if she missed a button or help her hold your bodice while she laces the corset. Of course, a bride who opts to include the entire bridal party in the dressing process should remember that her ladies will be seeing a lot more of her than they may have before — there isn't much room for a bra and boyshorts under most wedding gowns!

Looking for a little more peace and quiet? Putting on your dress doesn't have to be such a to-do. Instead, ask your wedding planner to help zip you up. You could have your photographer document the moment, or take some time to yourself to breathe, brush your teeth, and have a little water. Then head out for a big reveal with the whole gang, and ask your photographer to capture the finishing touches like your jewelry and veil.

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