Whitney Port Shows Off Her Stunning Nuptials in a Romantic, New Wedding Video

via Youtube

Things we're thankful for this Thanksgiving? Friends, family, and Whitney Port's wedding dress! We're still fawning over the reality star's high-low frock, and now, with her newly-released wedding video, we've got an exciting extended look at the too-die-for dress — and the rest of her super sweet California nuptials, of course.

Those shoes! Those (five!) wedding bands! That scarf-wrapped bouquet! We're less than 10 seconds into the romantic wedding video Port just shared with MTV, and we're already dying over the details. Her clear acrylic heels with floral appliqué details are enough to make us swoon all on their on, but throw in that first look between Port and her new husband, Tim Rosenman, and we're fighting back tears. The lovely, pre-wedding moment captured between this charming couple is definitely a video highlight, with both Port and Rosenman positively beaming and the groom adorably in awe of his gorgeous wifey.

Later, when this dazzling duo are pronounced officially wed and embrace under an arch of ferns and to the applause of their guests, we can't help but cheer as well — mainly because we finally get to catch a glimpse of her reception ensemble. In a white and flirty frock, Port also switched up her hair for the after-party. "We wanted the hair to be pretty, modern, and simple," Port's genius hairstylist, Kylee Heath, told Refinery29 of her causal, loose waves. "I massaged my hands into her hair to loosen it up and then wrapped some sections with a 1-inch curling wand." The breathtaking result? "Pretty, but undone," Heath explained.

The short clip ends with a fairytale shot of the head-over-heels in-love couple, surrounded by the lush California greenery, seen in the full video below. Thanks for the Thanksgiving treat, Whitney! This is even better than pumpkin pie.

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