Where to Put Your Wedding Guestbook

Updated 08/02/15

*A wedding guestbook is the ideal keepsake to commemorate your big day and the beloved guests who were there to celebrate with you. Of course, the guest book is deemed pointless unless guests can actually find it and sign it. Our etiquette experts weigh in on the best placement for the guestbook. *

One of the best keepsakes you'll have from your big day is your guestbook. But of course, it means nothing unless your friends and family actually write you a personalized message in it! Your guests will be more inclined to write a thoughtful message if the guestbook is directly in their sightline instead of tucked into a corner somewhere, so make sure to select a spot that is centrally located. Many brides choose to place their guestbooks at the entrance or exit of the ceremony space, and transport the book to their reception as well for guests who were unable to sign initially. Placing the book on a dedicated table with a corresponding sign will alert attendees to its presence and encourage participation.

You can also nominate a guest or event staff member to take charge of the guestbook and urge attendees to write a few words. This is a great way to honor a family member or close friend who didn't make the cut for your wedding party.

If a classic guestbook seems too staid for your taste, you may wish to substitute a stylish photo booth, artistic poster, oversized quilt or even a snowboard to commemorate your special day.

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