When to Have Your Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

When to Have Your Bachelorette Party


No matter how you’re planning to celebrate your bachelorette or bachelor party, it’s always one of the most anticipated pre-wedding events. A night (or weekend!) with your closest friends, having an absolute blast—what’s not to love? As with all of your wedding planning, when it comes to your last fling before the ring, timing is everything.

We asked our experts to break down when you shouldn't have your bachelor or bachelorette party to help make that planning a little bit easier.

Too Soon

It’s hard to resist the temptation of getting your celebration started ASAP, but you don’t want to plan that bachelorette weekend too soon after your engagement. Leave enough time for all of your friends and family to hear the news, as well as to really plan the celebration you’re looking for.

Give your guests a month or two of advanced notice (or more if you’re planning to travel and need to book flights) to clear their schedules and make arrangements.

Too Late

On the other hand, hosting your bachelor or bachelorette party too close to the wedding is also not ideal. Guests will have set aside time to be with you for your big day, and may not be able to get away a few weeks earlier, leaving you with a smaller guest list or friends who are stressed about using too many vacation days at once.

At the Last Minute

Even if you make plans months in advance, a bachelorette or bachelor party within two or three days of your wedding is not the way to go—especially if it’s the night before you’ll be walking down the aisle. Instead of relaxing and enjoying some you-time, you’ll be focused on those final items on your to-do list. And if you’re tying the knot the next day, you don’t want to risk a huge hangover for your walk down the aisle (or miss out on the fun because you’re hoping to get to bed early).

And again, you may find yourself with a much more intimate celebration if your guests have a hard time getting extra days off of work to join you, so if you have a big crowd in mind, plan a little farther ahead.

So, What’s the Sweet Spot?

The best time to host your bachelorette or bachelor party is between one and four months before your wedding. It will serve as a fun milestone to meet on your way to the altar, as well as help you and your guests budget their time (and funds). Shooting for a date that’s further along in your engagement will give you plenty of time to plan after you’ve got a ring on your finger, while a weekend well in advance of your wedding means there’s no persistent hangover or lack of sleep to battle on your wedding day.

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