Exactly When to Schedule Your Pre-Wedding Beauty Appointments

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When your eye's on the prize (your wedding day), it's easy to let the little things fall by the wayside (ahem, like remembering to get your haircut). And while it may not be a total tragedy to have split ends or a chipped mani in your wedding photos, there's no reason why your big day shouldn't be beauty blunder free. To help you stay organized, we consulted with top beauty experts across the country to develop your perfect pre-wedding beauty schedule. Here's how to make it to the church on time—and in one elegant piece!

Six Months Before...

Make your first hair appointment. Expert hairstylist Nikki Mecker of NYC's Paul Labrecque Salon & Spa recommends meeting with your hairdresser—ideally, your regular hairdresser, since he or she knows you best—about six months prior to your wedding so that the two of you can come up with a plan of attack together. “You want to start to talk about the perfect color choice for your day around six months before, so you can work towards achieving the perfect shade/tone of choice,” Mecker says (key takeaway: perfect hair color is not born overnight). Mecker also suggests discussing style choices for your big day at this appointment since “you might need a couple extra inches in the length to achieve your look.”

And Every 6-8 Weeks After That

Get another haircut. Kelsey Smart, artistic team leader of the bridal department at Fox & Jane salon in New York City swears by this tip, explaining, “Your hair will look fuller and shinier if you get the ends 'dusted' every 6-8 weeks.” To brides looking to grow their locks, this suggestion may raise an eyebrow—but Smart assures that, “Even if your goal is to grow it out, regular trims will prevent split ends and further breakage (read: inches you have to cut later).”

Smart also recommends making periodic coloring appointments during this time period. “Beautiful and natural-looking color is a result of gradual changes and consistent appointments with a colorist who keeps track of your color formulas,” Smart explains. “Your goal is to achieve your dream color about 2-3 months before the wedding—you don't want to look like a different person at your wedding then you did at your bridal shower.”

Two (Or Three) Months Before

Schedule a trial with your makeup artist. According to Julio Sandino, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Pucker, this is the perfect time to decide on a look for your big day. “It may seem close to the wedding, but having your consultation [two to three months out] allows both the bride and her makeup artist to keep the desired look fresh in mind. By this time, the bride would have chosen her dress, and will know what makeup theme she's going for such as natural vs. dramatic.” Plus, Sandino notes, if you're unhappy with your look you'll still be able to schedule a second trial.

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