How Soon After We Get Engaged Should We Have an Engagement Photo Shoot?

Heirloom Collective

Engagement photos have become one of the first steps in the planning process, and even though most wedding photographers offer them as part of a package, our experts want to make sure you get these shots before the moment passes by.

If you choose to hire a photographer for a professional shoot, consider booking it sooner rather than later. Trust us when we say this: The excitement and joy of a recent engagement is contagious and will shine through in the photographs. By the time you're knee-deep in wedding planning, you'll be so busy juggling tastings and dress fittings with your normal life duties such as your, ahem, job that you won't set aside time to take engagement photos. Plus, snapping them sooner rather than later means you'll have plenty of time to use them when designing the save-the-date cards. Long-distance friends and relatives who haven't seen you since you were in diapers truly love feeling a part of this time, and seeing the happy couple conjures up excitement for the impending nuptials.

While engagement photos are nice keepsakes, you certainly don't have to splurge on them, especially if they don't come as part of a package when booking your wedding photographer. Have a friend meet you at a park, your favorite neighborhood bar, or even inside your home to capture a few casual shots. Even if they're for-your-eyes-only and never make it beyond a frame on your bedside table, you'll always be thankful you took the time to mark the engagement, which can be easily swept away and lost in the flurry of wedding planning.

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