When Should You Give Your Bridesmaids Their Gifts?

Updated 06/07/15

Amy and Stuart Photography

*Rewarding your bridesmaids and groomsmen for their endless patience and involvement in your wedding with heartfelt gifts is a longstanding nuptial tradition. However, in the mayhem between your rehearsal dinner and tearful departure for the honeymoon, finding time to bestow tokens of gratitude on your bridal party is a difficult task. Our etiquette experts weigh in on the best times to present your wedding attendants with their gifts. *

Opportune moments for a gift exchange are few and far between at a wedding, but you do have several favorable options. Many couples choose to proceed during the rehearsal dinner, during a scheduled meeting with their attendants, or whilst primping just before the wedding. Before planning the exchange, first contemplate the dimensions and nature of your present. A thick tome or otherwise hefty gift is best left for the rehearsal dinner, when your attendants can place it to the side before taking it home post-meal.

Meanwhile, cufflinks or jewelry to your attendants as they spruce up before the ceremony, so that your wedding party can sport their accessories during the event. If neither your rehearsal dinner nor the preparations before your wedding seem like the perfect moment to give your bridal party their gifts, try to set aside a private moment the week before your nuptials when you can properly thank your attendants and give them their gifts.

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