When Should We Create Our Wedding Registry?

Trust us, you don't want to procrastinate too long with this one

Updated 01/13/17

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Whether you’re excited to choose new dishes and upgrade your sheets or are dreading the hours spent browsing silverware, creating a wedding registry is the best way to make sure you end up with wedding gifts that you really want. The question is, when is the best time to break out the scanner gun and discuss the finer points of monogramming? We asked our experts to fill you in on when you should put together your wedding registry.

When it comes to starting your wedding registry, the sooner the better. Sure, you don’t need to have every single item selected the first week of your engagement, but you’ll have more time to devote to shopping (or online browsing) before you get too deep into wedding planning. Having your registry set up earlier is also helpful for your guests, as some may want to check “buying you a wedding present” off their list! Make sure that your registry is set up in conjunction with these important pre-wedding milestones:

Your Save the Dates
Save the dates are the first opportunity to communicate with your guests, and these cards usually cover the basics: The where and when of your wedding, as well as a link to your wedding website where guests can find information about lodging, travel, the dress code, and, of course, your registry. They’ll be looking for it, so make sure you’ve got those registry links all set up before your save the dates go in the mail.

Your Bridal Shower
Traditionally, bridal shower gifts are items for the home, usually taken from the couple’s registry. Ranging from cookware to towels and everything in between, anyone invited to your bridal shower will be seeking your registry information to make sure they get you something you’ll love.

Your Invitations
If you aren’t sending out save the dates, you must have your registry created before the invitations go out. Again, these will include the URL of your wedding website, and that’s the go-to source for all things registry. Receiving invitations will also trigger guests to start contacting your families and wedding party with questions they might have, so be sure to arm your VIPs with the registry details, too.

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