What Your Invitation Font Says About Your Wedding

Updated 04/07/15

Cast Calligraphy

If wedding invitations really do set the tone for the wedding (and that's what they all say, right?), then the font you use couldn't be more important. It not only communicates to your guests what they can expect in terms of formality, but the overall style and theme of your big day are often revealed through it as well. Will it be playful and creative, over the top and traditional or ber modern and casual? April Feldman, owner of Alfie Design, breaks it all down for us.

Photo: Courtesy of Ashley Buzzy Lettering + Press

A Calligraphy or Script Font

This says that the couple is more classic and traditional. They love the look of beautiful, flowing letters, which typically match a more elegant and formal affair.

Photo: Courtesy of Dejlige Creative

A Clean, All-Caps Font

A clean font in all caps is very traditional, simple and elegant. This type of font would probably appear on a formal wedding invitation with the emphasis on the text rather than any design elements.

Photo: Courtesy of Wedding Paper Divas

A Serif Font

Serif fonts are also very traditional and formal. Some of the oldest fonts were Serif, so an invitation utilizing these fonts would be representative of a very traditional wedding with a sit-down dinner, bouquet toss, and the works.

A Sans Serif Font

Sans serif fonts, on the other hand, are typically much more casual and very modern. Since the font style is simpler, it usually looks very clean when printed too. Expect a lower key affair, most likely with a buffet style dinner and perhaps some chevron décor.

Photo: Confetti Grey

A Mix of Several Different Fonts

If an invitation is a mix of several different font styles, you can usually assume that the couple and the wedding is very artistic and out of the box. The theme of the big day will almost certainly be a mix of several different styles and colors as well.

Hand-Illustrated Typography

A hand-illustrated type is very unique, giving off the impression that the couple wants a wedding that is completely custom and original. Using an illustration font ensures that no one else has the same look as you since it can't be replicated. The wedding itself will be more playful, colorful and maybe a DIY look. You can bet this couple will also write their own vows.

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