What Your Maid of Honor Wants You to Know

Yes it's an honor, but it's also a stressful job

Updated 05/24/18

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Taking on the role as maid of honor for your closest gal pal or family member is an unforgettable honor. While being a maid of honor can come with a lot of responsibilities, from making sure the bride is feeling stress-free throughout the wedding adventure to being in charge of many of the pre-wedding events, it can also come with so many moments of joy.

A maid of honor becomes the sounding board for the wedding, helping the bride make decisions along the way, deal with pop-up drama from family and friends, and is the go-to person for all pre-wedding vent sessions before the big day arrives.

Which is why, as a bride, it’s important to remember that your maid of honor often has a lot on their plate and perhaps even has some things they are too afraid to straight out say, but instead, hope that you take into consideration. Since you can’t always know how your maid of honor is feeling or what they are thinking, here’s a guide of the 5 things your maid of honor wish you knew.

1. How Much This is Costing Her

When it comes to a wedding, things add up, even if you’re not the one who is getting married! Remember that your maid of honor is diving deep into her pockets to pay for lots of little things here and there. She might be fronting the bill for more things than you realize, whether it’s decorations for the bridal shower or snacks for the bachelorette party. Have a conversation with the leader of your wedding party squad to see if she has a budget or if she needs your help figuring out how to cut costs along the way.

2. What She’s Stacked Against

Your maid of honor is also responsible for a lot of bridal party drama you might not even know is happening. When there are disagreements between bridesmaids or eye rolls over wedding rules, your maid of honor is putting out those fires with patience, honesty, and a fair attitude. Check in and see if there are any difficult conversations your maid of honor wants you to take over so she can take the backseat on handling them.

3. She Wishes She Could Pick Her Wedding Style

When it comes to the wedding style of your maid of honor and bridesmaids, try to get their opinion on what they will be wearing for your big day. Your maid of honor wants to feel confident on your wedding day too, so make sure she has a say in what dress she has to buy and convince all the other bridesmaids to love.

4. A Plus One Would Be Nice

Even if your maid of honor isn’t dating anyone seriously at the moment, she’ll want to know she has the option of bringing a plus one. There has been a lot of moving pieces that she’s been handling for you over the past few months. Letting her bring a plus one if she’d like is a way of letting her know you care about her and want her to have a good time at the wedding.

5. She’s Not Sure What Kind of Wedding Gift to Give

Gift giving can be awkward, especially when your maid of honor is trying to figure out what to get you for your wedding. Chances are she’s already gifted you something sentimental for your engagement, something for your new life together with your fiancé during your bridal shower, and something fun for your bachelorette party. Take the pressure off your maid of honor and let that person know that just taking on that big role is the best possible gift they can give you for your wedding.

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