What Your Groom Doesn’t Want You to Know

He might not look it, but he's just as nervous as you are

Updated 07/05/18

Photo by Angie Diaz Photography

One of the many skills you might start wishing that you could have as you dive into wedding planning, is the ability to read minds. If only you could look at a person (say, the person you’re marrying) and know exactly what they are thinking, hoping for, or nervous about. Since you can’t just tap into the inner workings of their brain and instead must rely on what they tell you, it might be helpful to get a glimpse of what other grooms are thinking, but don’t want you to know.

Check out this list of what your groom-to-be is probably feeling but doesn’t want you to know.

He’s Filled with Nerves

Notice how nervous you are for the big day, how your palms begin to sweat when you imagine walking down the aisle and your heart shakes when you think about all the ways you hope your big day will go on without any hiccups. Even if your fiancé is acting mighty tough, your person is also feeling nerves. Whether or not they will admit it, there’s a list of things making that person nervous. Instead of forcing them to tell you what’s on that list, be open and honest about the things making you anxious and see if your partner is willing to open up.

He’s Wondering "What If. ?"

There’s a lot going through your fiancé’s head and a lot of those “things” are questions of what if? What if you don’t show up at the altar? What if getting married means losing your identity? What if your wedding is filled with drama between guests? Chances are when he thinks about the wedding, he thinks about some of the what ifs that crowd his mind and they might just be very similar to the ones you think about, too.

Money Really Matters

Figuring out who is shelling out all of the cash for a wedding can be a bit stressful. Even if you and your fiancé decided to pay for it out of your own account doesn’t mean that he’s okay with how much this is costing. He might tell you that It doesn’t bug him, but in the back of his head, he’s thinking of all the ways this is going to hurt your joint back account in the future and whether or not spending a couple of thousand dollars on flowers is really worth it.

He Hopes He Doesn’t Mess Up

While it might seem like your groom doesn’t have a ton of responsibilities on the big day, there’s a secret fear of messing up. What if he forgets his vows at home? Chokes up on the dance floor? Gets too drunk with his friends in the morning and shows up for the wedding hungover? While he might seem worry free, there are things he is working overtime on to make sure he does completely right for you on the big day.

He Doesn’t Know What to Expect

If your groom is doing a great job of calming your nerves and reminding you how special this day will really be, he’s hoping that you don’t realize he is also in the same boat of not really knowing what to expect. It’s hard to predict how a wedding day will go and if your groom hasn’t been to too many weddings or involved in the wedding planning process, he certainly doesn’t want you to know that he’s a rookie at figuring out this whole wedding day protocol thing.

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