What the Length of Your Engagement May Say About Your Relationship

From relationship experts

Updated 11/24/15

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While the amount of time you've been dating before your partner puts a ring on it is definitely telling, turns out so is the length of your engagement as well! From a few weeks to a few years, we asked a bunch of relationship experts to dissect exactly what it says about you, both individually and as a couple.

Three Weeks

"It can mean a lot of things. 'We're pregnant! We're impulsive! We're on a rebound! We're religious and we were matched and ready to wed!' " — Los Angeles-based psychologist Dr. Judy Rosenberg

Three Months

"Let's keep things simple. These couples eschew the long, drawn-out process of planning a wedding, and they make sure to hammer down all the essentials in just 12 short weeks. Their wedding probably won't be grand, but it will be all theirs." — NY-based relationship expert and owner of National Coach Academy Kristie Santana

Six Months

"A bride with a six-month engagement is fairly no-nonsense. Depending on the area in which she's getting married, she may or may not have enough time to book the most desirable venues. She's interested in some of the wedding details but isn't spending eight hours a day on Pinterest. She can't be over the top with the particulars because again, there's not enough time. In general, she's not high maintenance and her groom will likely be a very happy man." — psychologist and author of Single Is The New Black Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell

A Year or So

"Somewhere between 13 and 17 months is the average length of an engagement, so you're likely a traditionalist. You may have taken both of your families into consideration in planning your wedding and it might just be a big one! One analysis of wedding data found that those who have 200 or more guests at their wedding have a 92% reduced risk of divorce!" — relationship therapist and Astroglide's resident sexologist Dr. Jess

A Few Years

"This amount of time signifies hesitance and uncertainty about marriage. It doesn't mean you don't love each other to pieces, but it does mean that one or both of you aren't sure about the commitment that involves tradition. These relationships can end up being lifelong, but the wedding itself is seen as a challenge, not a necessity, to the relationship." relationship advice expert and author April Masini

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