5 Things That Will Probably Go Wrong on Your Wedding Day

Real talk, there's no such thing as a flawless wedding day

Updated 01/17/17

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Soon-to-be-newlyweds, it’s time to wrap your mind around a scary concept: “There is no such thing as a flawless wedding day,” says Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events and co-founder of The Poppy Group. “Murphy’s Law is a guarantee something you don’t anticipate will happen on your wedding day no matter how detailed you are or how many fail safes you’ve put into place.”

But don’t freak out just yet. Our expert is here to reveal the things most likely to go wrong on your wedding day, so that you can prepare as best as possible — and hopefully let your planner handle the rest.

1. Someone will be late.
No matter how punctual your posse, “this happens every time,” says Nichols. “Even if you’ve sent detailed emails and timelines, someone will be running behind somehow.” If this happens to you, try to let it roll off your back. “Don’t take it as a personal offense,” says Nichols. “Ask another member of the bridal party to contact them and check on their arrival time. Chances are, your planner has also built a lot of extra time into the timeline to account for inevitable lateness.”

2. The ceremony won’t be perfect.
Despite a rehearsal, your officiant could say the wrong name, your reader might skip over a sentence, or the musicians play a off-key note. “It’s all part of real life,” says Nichols. “Trying to stay in the moment and enjoying the ceremony for what it is and now what you wished it would be will be key. People will read your energy, so if you smile and laugh, your guests will too.”

3. Someone won’t show up.
They’ve RSVP'd “yes,” but one guest who promised to be in attendance won’t show up on the big day — even though you’ve already paid for their seat and meal. “While you can’t plan for the drop off that will happen, you can certainly try to be aware that this does happen and it’s totally normal,” says Nichols. “Your caterer can easily remove a place setting (or two) from a table, which is always better than leaving the chair empty.”

4. Something will get lost.
In the craziness that is your getting-ready room, something is bound to be misplaced, even if only for a moment. “When you add a good number of helpers to the mix and a busy weekend you get the recipe for lost items,” says Nichols. So, “try storing the most important items away from the small things like votive candles. Keep rings, marriage license, and other jewelry in a more personal place to avoid this mishap or considering passing all of the important items over to your planner.”

5. Someone will do something embarrassing.
They don’t mean to embarrass you, but “you’ve put all of your favorite people who know you the best in one room and added dancing and alcohol,” says Nichols. “Someone is bound to do too much of something. But assuming they don't get unruly, just try to shrug it off. You don't have to include the photo of your uncle's keg stand in your wedding photo album no matter how much people loved it or how much it mortified you.”

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