Night Before Wedding: 21 Things to Remember

Channel those jitters into something positive

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Got the night before wedding jitters? We don't blame you. Night before (and day before) wedding nervousness is par for the course. Channel all that energy into completing these 21 things to do the night before your wedding and you'll give yourself peace of mind and a good foundation for the big day itself.

Things to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

1. Eat a healthy meal.

Though the greasy pizza and the bag of cool ranch Doritos might be screaming your name, stick to the fresh fruit and the whole grains. They won't have you waking up with a food hangover like a Big Mac and a side of fries will on your wedding day.

2. Pack a bag or clutch of personal items.

Put together your reception clutch and your post-reception bag and hand it off to your wedding point person, who can help make sure it's waiting for you in the bridal suite or in your hotel room.

10 Things to Do the Night Before Your Wedding
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3. Drink a lot of water.

Keep a cold glass of water nearby and make sure you spend some quality time with it. This will help you avoid any dehydration that stress and running around can often cause.

4. Get a good night's sleep.

Or at least try to tuck yourself underneath those covers at a decent hour.

5. Turn your phone on silent.

Say goodbye to checking Facebook and answering frantic text messages. Turn your chunky device on silent or hand it over to your maid of honor.

6. Put any boxes, suitcases, or bags you need to bring to the ceremony or reception in the car.

Pack the car with all the items you'll need for your wedding day so that you can wake up in the morning and not have to worry about doing any heavy lifting before getting out of the door.

7. Make sure you have cash on hand.

Have a couple of 20 dollar bills nearby in case you need to tip any of your vendors or in case of any last-minute emergencies.

8. Double-check payment for vendors.

Have them sorted out digitally—whether that means you've scheduled payments via PayPal or Venmo or gather checks and cash and put them in clearly marked envelopes and hand them off to your point person for the wedding day (whether that's your wedding planner, professional bridesmaid, or trusty uncle).

9. Gather a survival kit.

Toss a bunch of must-have items into a small tote bag in case anyone needs them. Grab a handful of Band-Aids, safety pins, packets of Advil, and of course hair ties.

10. Print out a list of vendor details.

Be sure to have a list of vendor info, like their phone number, arrival time, and name.

Then, pass this list on to your point person so they can check up on them.

11. Write a love note to your groom.

Something short and sweet. Reminding the guy who will be waiting for you in a freshly-cleaned tux that they are the love of your entire life.

12. Grab a pair of flip flops.

Keep these close by, you'll want to change into them throughout your wedding day—whether after the morning photos are taken or in the middle of the reception. Your feet are going to need a time-out before you do.

13. Watch something that'll make you laugh.

In the spirit of putting yourself in a happy and enlightened mood, plop yourself down in front of some funny YouTube videos or search for your favorite rom-com on Netflix.

14. Enjoy a mani and pedi.

While you're getting a fresh coat of polish, say "I do" when they ask you if you'd like to add on a 10-minute massage. Pamper yourself—you deserve it.

15. Assign someone to be your morning-after person.

This person's role will be to collect all the gifts at the end of the wedding and do one final sweep of the venue when the party is over to make sure you didn't leave anything behind.

16. Say a big "thank you."

Before the wedding-day chaos kicks in, be sure to thank people in advance for sticking by your side through this adventure. Give an extra hug to your bridesmaids and pop a kiss on the cheeks of your family members.

17. Make sure the shoe fits.

Even better, make sure you practice walking a straight line in them. After that, turn the volume up on your favorite Kesha song and bust out some dance moves. This will help you not only relieve some stress, but it'll make you see your threshold for when your shoes are going to start throwing a temper tantrum on your feet.

18. Confirm with vendors.

There's a time and a place for everything. Make sure your outside vendors know when and where to show up. Now's the time to also let them know the name and phone number of your "point person" that day.

19. Practice deep yoga-like breaths.

End the day before your wedding with five minutes of meditation and deep breaths. This will help calm you down before you hop into bed.

20. Keep up with your nightly beauty rituals.

Lather on the moisturizer, apply a face mask, stick on the whitening strips...Whatever fits into your pre-wedding beauty routine, and remember to follow through with it. This is your last chance to reap the benefits of everything you've been doing to look your best on your big day.

21. Get in one last kiss.

Whether you've chosen to embrace the tradition of sleeping separately and not seeing one another until the aisle or first look, or you're heading to sleep together in anticipation of the big day, take a moment to take it all in and enjoy your last smooch session as fiancés.

Things Not to Do the Night Before Your Wedding

Now that you know what to do the night before your wedding, here's what you absolutely should not do, if at all possible. Avoid the following for a less stressful wedding day.

1. Don't sweat the small stuff.

It's not worth it. "At the end of the day, you've got to take a step back and realize you've done all that you can to plan and prepare," points out event designer Veronica Cole. "Tomorrow is a big day and whatever happens, happens. You can't control everything." And hey, that's alright.

2. Don't try to finish DIY projects.

For the sanity of yourself and those around you, do not wait until the very last minute to assemble all of your DIY projects, warns celebrity wedding planner Donnie Brown. "Try to delegate responsibilities to your family or bridal party if you need some assistance well in advance."

3. Don't start writing vows.

If you plan on writing your own vows or giving a speech at the wedding, Shawn Rabideau, lifestyle expert and event planner, strongly suggests not picking up a pen for the first time the night before. Or worse, staying up all night just to make your words sound perfect. "You'll be too stressed out and emotional," he notes. "Try doing it several weeks, or at the very least several days, prior to your wedding."

Meet the Expert

Shawn Rabideau is a lifestyle expert and event planner.

4. Don't finalize the seating chart.

According to Rabideau, your seating chart should be finalized at least two weeks in advance. Of course, unforeseen circumstances may arise requiring you to make last-minute adjustments, but otherwise, there's no excuse for putting it off.

5. Don't party too hard at the rehearsal dinner.

"Alcohol can make you feel bloated and tired," cautions Sunny Ravanbach, president of White Lilac Events. "If you do decide to drink, however, be sure to drink equal amounts of water. Also, make sure you get plenty of beauty sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed the following day," she advises.

6. Don't sunbathe.

Unless you want to look like a burnt lobster or could care less about crazy tan lines, it's probably best to avoid soaking up too much sun the day before you get hitched (especially if you're having a destination wedding). "Most of my brides are from up north and don't realize how powerful the sun's rays are here in the tropics so they burn easily," explains Florida Keys wedding planner Lynn D'Ascanio of D'Asigner Events. "I tell them no more than 30 minutes total the day before." As for spray tans, those are a no-no the day prior as well.

7. Don't change your skincare routine.

Breakouts and allergic reactions on your big day? No thanks. While some brides think getting a facial or chemical peel the day before will help them achieve that bridal glow, the truth is these procedures often take a couple of weeks to a month to yield results, points out Kristen Ley, founder of Published & Pretty. "If you don't give it enough time, your skin will be irritated, peeling and most likely broken out as you're purifying it of the buildup and toxins."

8. Don't try new foods.

"Your wedding day is definitely not the time to have major digestive issues after consuming something that doesn't agree with you," warns Greg Jenkins, co-founder of Bravo Productions.

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