What to Do If You Second-Guess Your Wedding Dress

Did I make the right decision? Relax, and read this

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It happens to the best of us. You say yes to the dress, cry happy tears, pose for photos, and go out to toast your big decision. But then days (maybe even hours) later, indecision sets in: Did I make the right decision? How do I know I will still love this in six, eight, 12 months? What did I do?

Calm down. Don't let yourself get into panic mode. Remember why you chose the dress you did, and acknowledge that it was not an impulsive decision. It is, however, a weighty decision, as you've dreamed of this dress your whole life—so of course, you might have doubts. Here are some tips to help calm your indecision and ensure you're thrilled with your dress.


Most people second-guess large, significant decisions in their lives, including big moves, job changes, marriages, etc. Choosing your wedding dress is undoubtedly the biggest wardrobe decision you'll ever have to make, so it's only natural you are having second thoughts. The chances that you chose a dress that wasn't perfect for you are slim to none, considering you were in the hands of talented bridal professionals and those closest to you.

Don't Go by the Photos

Either you or someone who accompanied you on your dress hunt may have taken photos of you in the gown you chose at the shop. Do not overanalyze those. The people in your bridal entourage are not professional photographers.

Remember that cell-phone cameras and fluorescent shop lighting don't do any gowns justice, and how you felt and how the dress looked are truly what matters most.

Go Back for a Second Try-On

If you're truly having second thoughts, call the bridal shop. They are quite experienced with brides in similar predicaments. Many businesses will allow you to place a temporary hold on your order if you contact them within a certain number of days from when you placed the order. During that time, you can make an appointment to return to the store and try it on again. Our advice: Do this alone. Be alone with your anxiety and spend time in the dress without the opinions of others. You'll likely realize you had nothing to worry about—and that you're still in love with your choice. If not, discuss your options for canceling or modifying your order with the sales team.

Stop Looking

Once your dress order is processed, there's no going back, so stop looking! There's always going to be new cars that come out after you just bought one, a new iPhone that pops up right after your upgrade, and (the worst) sales after you've made a big purchase. Oh, the irony! Wedding gowns are no different. New collections come out each season, so if seeing the new options and styles makes you regret or second-guess your decision, stop! Unsubscribe from bridal shop emails, put down Instagram, and focus more on what's next in your wedding-planning journey. Your (gorgeous) gown and wedding day will both be here before you know it!

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