What Should We Do if One of Our Rings Doesn't Fit During the Ceremony?

Updated 03/18/16

Olivia Leigh Photographie

Your wedding rings are the first gifts you exchange as husband and wife, in addition to being outward symbols of your commitment to one another. But even if you tried on samples in the store, were sized by a professional jeweler, and even tried your wedding band on a few times once it arrived in the mail, that doesn't guarantee it will fit properly on your wedding day. What should you do if, when you get to "With this ring, I thee wed," it just doesn't fit? Here are a few tips from our experts.

A wedding band that doesn't fit is no reason to panic. After all, you've probably seen a bunch of wedding videos with the bride and guests laughing as she tries to slip the ring on her husband's finger. It happens all the time, so don't worry about it!

What you should definitely do, however is be gentle. Remember, you're trying to get the ring onto the hand of the person you love! If a little twisting isn't helping, let him try to put the ring on himself. He might be able to bend his knuckle in the right way to get the ring to slip on. If that doesn't work, either leave the ring above his knuckle and try again after the ceremony or move it over to his pinky finger. Then see if soapy hands or a little lotion will help (or just leave the ring on his pinky!).

Once you're back home (especially if your wedding was somewhere more humid or at a higher elevation than where you normally live), try the ring on again. It should fit fine once you're back, but if it doesn't, go back to the jeweler where you purchased the ring to have it resized or discuss other options.

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