5 Things You MUST Do Before You Pick Your Bridesmaids

Photo by Joseph Llanes

One of the most exciting wedding tasks you'll be eager to do is ask the true members of your "squad" if they are willing to temporarily upgrade their BFF status to bridesmaid status. It can be the role of a lifetime for your nearest and dearest friends especially if you are prepared with the right kind of details to hand over to them after they say yes. So before you go picking and choosing who you want your bridesmaids to be, here are 5 things you should have ready.

1. Buy a 'Welcome to the Bridal Party' gift.

Prepare a packaged gift to send out to your bridesmaids popping the official question and getting them excited and prepared for what's to come. You can make these gifts personalized and different for each bridesmaid and include a hand-written note with each gift.

2. Create a pre-wedding timeline.

One of the definite questions your bridesmaids will ask you are the requirements and dates of all of your pre-wedding and wedding festivities. They will want to know when your bachelorette party, bridal shower, and any other major pre-wedding events are so that they can prepare to take off work and book travel plans.

3. Know the approximate cost of the dresses and wedding details.

Most likely your gal pals will ask the inevitable question: 'How much will this cost me?' Even if you're not sure, give them a range that you promise it won't exceed.

4. Have an answer for the friends that didn't make the cut.

Since you can't have every close friend be a bridesmaid, you'll want to have an answer and small explanation for those who didn't make the cut. Contacting them either once you've made your decision — or shortly after you pop the question to your 'maids — to explain is ideal. That way, there won't be any confusion or angst about who didn't make the cut.

5. Know the date and location of your big day.

Before you pick your bridesmaids, be sure to know a general timeline of your wedding date and, if possible, location. This will help your bridesmaids be prepared for potential traveling and have a good grasp on the details of your big day.

Jen Glantz is a "Professional Bridesmaid" and the founder of Bridesmaid for Hire. She's the author of All My Friends Are Engaged and frequently wears old bridesmaid dresses to the grocery store and on first dates.

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