What Should We Say in Our Toast at the Wedding Reception?

Updated 05/23/16

Michael Falco of Christian Oth Studio

How you decide to schedule toasts throughout your wedding weekend is totally up to you. Some people opt for a set list of speakers, with some speaking at the rehearsal dinner and others (often the parents of the couple and the maid of honor and best man) speaking at the wedding reception, while others prefer an open mic at the welcome party and only toasts from the parents at the reception. No matter how you choose to break it down, the newlyweds should definitely plan to take the mic for a moment or two at the reception. But what should you say? Our experts have a few ideas.

The most important thing to include in your toast is a few words of thanks — to the hosts, to both of your parents, and to your guests for joining you. If you don't love public speaking (or want to get back to the party!), you can keep it as brief and basic as that, finish by telling your new spouse how happy you are to be married, and then get back to the dance floor.

If you want to extrapolate a little bit more, thank your spouse's parents and family for raising such an amazing person and for welcoming you into their family. Thank your wedding party for their friendship and support, and thank your spouse for their hard work through the wedding planning process. You've already said your vows, so you don't need to go into too much more detail about why you love him or her, but a brief acknowledgement would be totally appropriate.

Tradition states that the groom usually makes the toast at the reception, but do whatever feels right, whether that means you speaking instead of him or both of you taking a moment to say something (and to say something to one another!).

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