Real Guests Share: What Makes Bridal Showers NOT Fun

Because really, who actually likes watching the bride open every one of her gifts?

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Let’s face it, sometimes bridal showers can be a bit of a drag. While all brides-to-be want their shower to be a day filled with fun, love, and happiness, you can’t please everyone (nor should you try.) We’ve all been to a shower or two that we just couldn’t wait to end, whether it be because the food was bad, the location wasn’t great, or it was just plain ‘ol boring.

Want to ensure yours stands out from the rest? Here’s what real guests had to say about what makes showers not fun.

“Dry showers are the worst! In my opinion, if you’re asking everyone to take time out of their weekends to gather, bring gifts, and celebrate, the least you could do is have the option of booze. Not to say it has to be an open bar, but even a single mimosa could go a long way.” —Jessica, 24

“Opening gifts in front of everyone. If it’s a small shower, fine. But I’ve been to showers of 100+ people, which means 100+ gifts to open one at a time. Even when the bridal party helps streamline the process, its unbearable. I don’t care if the bride opens my gift in front of me, I know she’ll get it.” —Amy, 33

“If there aren't any fun games or anything to help pass the time in a festive way, they can feel really long and drawn out.” —Chantal, 40

“I hate the gifts part. Having to “ooh” and “ahh” at every little thing, I think it’s so stupid. I definitely won’t do that at mine.” —Gina, 29

“It’s a little peculiar but I hate that opening gifts turns out to be the focus of the event. Most bridal showers turn from focusing on showering the bride with love and spending time together to being an “ooh” fest.” —Becky, 30

“I hate when they are on Sundays! It’s a pet peeve of mine, but Saturday showers are so much better because you don’t have work the next day and can be much more relaxed, even sip some cocktails. When showers are on Sundays I just can’t wait for them to be over so I can go home and relax before starting a work week.” —Jessica, 25

“The cheesy over-played games like bridal bingo have got to go. Also, if you’re seated with people you don’t know it can kind of suck when you’re expected to play these weird purse games with them.” —Christine, 29

“I hate everything about bridal showers! They’re just uncomfortable in general. So many people live together already now, and have stuff, so its weird to make a list of things that people 'have' to bring you. It’s antiquated, to me.” —Nichole, 32

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