"I Did Wedding Makeup Trials With Three Different Makeup Artists—Here’s What I Learned"

Same products. Dissimilar results

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This all started because I had concerns about my original wedding makeup artist (let’s call her Sarah). I arrived at the salon for my makeup trial and knew from the start this wasn’t a good fit. The subsequent services illuminated that fact even further. I left feeling frustrated. Even worse, there was no time to fly back out to Napa—the location of my wedding—for a second trial. Suddenly, a lightbulb went off...

I had brought a bunch of makeup to the trial and planned to do the same for the wedding. So, why not just have a couple other pros from top on-demand beauty apps play around with the formulas and see if they could nail my desired look? Then I would be able to share my newfound knowledge with Sarah.

I started this “experiment” in NYC. A wonderful Glamsquad makeup artist named Priscilla knocked on my apartment door with a suitcase full of products. The twist? I had my own stuff for her to use. When I explained the backstory, she immediately understood and happily got to work. Not only did I adore the end result—polished yet refreshingly natural—but she made me feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. With Priscilla’s assistance, I was able to cull down my toolkit and create a step-by-step tutorial that even included application tips. (Side note: my go-to Glamsquad hairstylist, Savannah, always does a fabulous blowout. I booked an appointment that afternoon, told her what was going on, and she also provided some super helpful tricks—namely how to give my fine locks lots of body without yanking or pulling.) Needless to say, Sarah received a very lengthy email shortly thereafter.

The weekend of March 9, I had a big event in Chicago. So, I schlepped all my goodies to the Windy City. On Saturday, a hand-selected stylist from The Glam App came to my room at the Viceroy Chicago for a little pre-party beautification. Layanna raised my makeup game to the next level. I absolutely loved her friendly demeanor and the glowy appearance she was able to achieve.

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What did I learn from my multiple wedding makeup trials? There are so many factors that go into a makeup look. You can give a trio of artists the same products and end up with three very different results. This realization ultimately led me to part ways with my beauty expert in Napa. But that’s a story for another time. (You can click here to read all about that harrowing ordeal.)

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