So, What Happens to Bachelor in Paradise Star Jenna Cooper's Engagement Ring?

Does the reality star have to return her Neil Lane sparkler?

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And then there was one. Tuesday’s Bachelor in Paradise finale concluded with two proposals, but unfortunately only one couple remains engaged. Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball have called it quits, after reports surfaced that Cooper had been cheating on Kimball, according to Entertainment Tonight.

Although Cooper states that the allegations are false, Kimball released a statement on Instagram, saying that he is moving on from the relationship. “Being careless with someone that you give your heart to and reach milestones with isn’t sensible no matter what the terms may be," Kimball wrote. "I deal with unreasonable circumstances reasonably and have come to terms with a decision to remove myself from the relationship, it breaks my heart to think, feel and fall for this. It’s dropped me. Fumbling emotions and being understanding is not easy. I’ll be taking time to pursue my inner peace and she will always have me to talk to, if you’ve reached out to me, allow me time. Thank you to those that have.”

So, now the question remains: What's to come of the Neil Lane cushion-cut engagement ring that Kimball used to pop the question? Now that the engagement is off, does ABC come to collect the ring? Does Chris Harrison perform the repossession himself? Or does Cooper get to keep the sparkler as a sort-of consolation prize?

Courtesy of Neil Lane

Cooper and Kimball got engaged during the filming of Bachelor in Paradise back in June, meaning that unfortunately they weren't engaged long enough to score rights to the ring. Reportedly, the show requires couples to be engaged for at least two years—or get married—in order to keep their engagement rings, so it looks like this no-longer bride-to-be will have to return her Neil Lane sparkler.

Chris Harrison told Entertainment Tonight back in 2017 that the rings from failed engagements "go back to [the production company] Next Entertainment or whoever," and typically are returned to Neil Lane.

"Here's the thing, what do you do with those rings? You don't want one," he said. "You can't give it to the [next] girl you love because that's a tainted ring and it obviously didn't work out. That's bad juju."

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