What the Honeymoon Is Really Like (Plus, 3 Tips to Start It Right!)

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What's (almost) more exciting than the wedding itself? The honeymoon! No matter how much you plan, though, the first blissful days of marriage don't always go as expected. Post-wedding vacations have as many twists and turns as any other trip — and these three real brides prove it:

One exhausted husband snatched the wrong suitcase as he and his bride headed off to the airport. "He grabbed his wedding luggage instead of his honeymoon luggage and we ended up on a tropical island with one polo shirt, one pair of shorts, and a suitcase full of suits," the bride recalls. "He wore the same blue shirt and tan shorts for 90 percent of the trip. It was quite comical."

Another bride expected an adventure-filled vacation in Cancun — and found she and her groom never left the honeymoon suite. "I watched movies and read and he played video games," she says. "It sounds so boring, but we both just wanted to relax."

And what about the crazy amount of time newlyweds spend getting intimate during their just-married getaway? Well, that didn't happen for this bride: "When my husband declined to dive into bed with me on the fourth day of our honeymoon, I called a friend and wondered aloud if something was already wrong with our marriage," she reveals. "After all, aren't you supposed to have sex every day of this particular vacation?"

Of course, your honeymoon will be filled with unforgettable and amazing moments, but just remember to not get upset if something unexpected happens — it's totally normal! "Most couples are exhausted," says relationship expert April Masini. "They've been planning for the wedding, are stressing about the marriage, and taking care of everyone but themselves."

Luckily, there are some things you can do to avoid any honeymoon mishaps:

1. Take a red-eye from the reception to your honeymoon. "Chances are you'll sleep on the plane and arrive at your destination during the day," Masini says. "You can nap and be ready for a first night — give or take a few time zones — rested and ready to romp."

2. Postpone your honeymoon for a week, month or longer. "This gives you a chance to rest up for a great honeymoon that you might otherwise snooze through," Masini notes.

3. And take it easy whenever you go. "Don't plan a rigorous honeymoon trekking through Nepal if you're exhausted from life," she says. "The beach beckons."

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