13 Things Every Bridesmaid Thinks While Walking Down The Aisle

Updated 08/20/15

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All eyes may be on the bride during the wedding processional, but the moment is also incredibly significant for the bridal entourage. Whether it's a bridesmaid's first stroll down the aisle or her fourteenth, she will likely experience a cascade of mixed emotions not unlike those of the bride. Witnessing two friends exchange vows of love and devotion can provoke serious feelings in any bridesmaid, especially when the bride is the first of her friends to take the plunge. From worrying about the less-than-flattering shade of her bridesmaid dress to the realization that wedding vows are a binding verbal contract, these are thoughts every bridesmaid has while walking down the aisle.

1. "Did the tailor fix that tear in my dress? I guess it's too late to worry about that now."

2. "Are we supposed to walk in time with the processional music? If so, I need to slow *way *down."

3. "I wonder if the best man remembers the off-color jokes he made to the bridesmaids last night. Is there some sort of unspoken rule that dictates every wedding party requires at least one drunken and disorderly groomsman?"

4. "Why did the bride choose mossy brown bridesmaids dresses? This shade is flattering on no one, least of all me."

5. "Do I have to say anything during the ceremony? Why didn't I pay more attention during the rehearsal?"

6. "Am I smiling right now? I should be smiling for the photographer."

7. "What would happen if I tripped right now? Why am I thinking about tripping? I am going to roll down the aisle if I don't stop thinking about tripping."

8. "What if someone objects to the wedding? Does that ever happen? Is it my responsibility to stop them if they voice a concern?"

9. "I can't believe my best friends are getting married. This may be one of the more surreal moments of my life. I can still remember her recounting their first date after one too many cocktails...and she sounded completely smitten even then."

10. "They both look beyond blissful. I hope no one can tell I'm tearing up. Why didn't I wear waterproof mascara?"

11. "This moment really marks the end of an era. Will our Margarita Monday tradition survive this marriage?"

12. "I wonder who will be next down the aisle. I must remember not to tackle the other bridesmaids for the bouquet...as funny as that might be."

13. "Being a bridesmaid should come with a manual."

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