10 Things All Brides Should Tell Their Bridesmaids Before the Wedding

Catch your 'maids up on the 411 before the craziness of your wedding ensues!

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No matter how many times you've been a bridesmaid before, right before the wedding approaches you'll find yourself scratching your head, eager and desperate to send a text or an email to the bride asking her what feels like a list of 20 questions. So brides-to-be, save yourself from pre-wedding group chats and an overwhelming amount of "where am I supposed to be" and "what am I supposed to do" emails by letting your bridesmaids know these 10 things!

1. A Timeline of Events

Prepare an itinerary of the day, including everything from what time and where your bridesmaids should arrive in the morning to what time they should be finished getting ready so the photographer can start snapping some pictures to when they should expect the party to be over. That way, they'll have a schedule of events to refer to.

2. A FAQ List

This will help tame your inbox and text message alerts. Put together a list of questions you think your bridesmaids may want to know about the day-of-the wedding. This is the perfect task to ask your MOH to step in and help out with.

3. What the Food Situation is Like

If your bridesmaids are arriving early in the morning, let them know if breakfast or lunch will be provided for them throughout the day. If not, let them know about restaurants close by where they can snag some food in between getting ready.

4. When Their Dates Can Meet Them

If your bridesmaids scored a plus one, let them know what time and where their dates should arrive and meet them. The last thing you'll want is a bridesmaid who brings their boyfriend to the bridal suite to hang out and eat your snacks when you're all getting ready.

5. Who Will Help You Unplug

On the day of your wedding, you should avoid having an affair with your phone. Stay off of Facebook, ban yourself from checking emails, and ask your bridesmaids to take it easy on texting you. Instead, give them the contact info of the person who will act as your personal secretary for the day.

6. A List of Things They Should Bring With Them

Tell your bridesmaids to pack mini-emergency kits for themselves, including extra Band-Aids, Advil, and any makeup they'll want to freshen up throughout the day.

7. A Change of Shoes

Because if they wear their high-heels all day, they'll be limping and screaming out in pain from their blisters by the time the ceremony comes around at night.

8. What Type of Bag to Bring

Let them know that they should pack a tote back with them and where they can store it throughout the day when they are posing for pictures or standing beside you up at the altar.

9. Their Positivity

Remind them that this day can get stressful and emotional and that the best way for you to stay calm, cool, and collective is to have a group of excited and happy bridesmaids right by your side.

10. Their Dance Moves

Get them pumped for the wedding by sending over some of your favorite music videos.

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