7 Brides Share Their Weird (But Cool) Wedding Day Must-Haves

From magicians to petting zoos

<p>Synchronized swimmers</p>

Photo by Larissa Cleveland

Making your wedding stand out in people’s minds can be quite the difficult task in 2018. From donut walls to live mariachi bands, it seems like people are truly upping the ante when it comes to finding ways to make their wedding feel unique, fun, and extra memorable.

Some couples decide to ditch traditions (like wearing a white dress or having a sit-down dinner) and instead infuse their personality into every single wedding decision.

Just look at these seven brides who have found a way to make their wedding a little bit weirder, or rather a little bit cooler (!) than the average celebration, with their one big wedding must-have.

A Petting Zoo

“My fiancé and I are extreme animal lovers. We have five dogs, three cats, two hamsters, twelve fish, and a horse. We decided that a cool thing to do at our wedding, during cocktail hour, was to have a zoo. It’s going to be a good way for guests to relax and take some awesome photos. We’re also paying a local petting zoo to come do this at our wedding and all that money we give them helps them out, too.” —Kelly T., 26

Five Different Outfit Changes

“I work in fashion and I’m a designer. What does that mean for my wedding? It means I’m having not one, not two, but five outfit changes. I already bought three of the five dresses. I’m going to change once an hour until midnight. It solves all of my fashion needs and also my indecisive personally. It’s also cool because where else can I wear five extravagant dresses to?” —Diana G. 28

Old-School Arcade Games

“On my first date with my fiancé, we went to a bar that was also an arcade. We fell in love that night while getting to know each other and playing games like air hockey, Pac-Man, and Dance Dance Revolution. We spent a big chunk of our wedding budget on getting ten different arcade games rented for the night. We want our wedding to be fun, interactive, and reflective of our love story.” —Rebecca Y., 28

An Area of Mattresses

“We want guests to be comfortable at our wedding and sitting in a stuffy chair at a round table beside guests they don’t know is lame. We’re scrapping the table idea, doing a buffet, and having mattresses brought in and covered with cool fabric. That way our wedding has a cool South Beach vibe and our guests can feel comfortable and at home when they are chilling during the reception.” —Laurel D., 31

Hired Performers

“We went to ten weddings last year. They were all the same. When we started planning our wedding, we vowed to spice things up. We hired a magician, professional party dancers, acrobats, and a stand-up comedian. We want our guests to have fun and interact with performers so that their night feels a little bit goofy but also extra memorable.” —Ashley D., 31

A Different Kind of Meal

“We’ve been to twelve weddings in the last two years and the only thing I can tell you about all of them was that the food sucked. It just wasn’t good. We wanted to bring in food from our favorite spots. We are doing a Papa John’s pizza bar, an Olive Garden breadstick bar, a Taco Bell Taco Table, and a McDonald’s Big Mac station. We put that on the invitation so guests know what to expect and the RSVP’s back so far have people saying they can’t wait for the food at our wedding.” —Rose E., 28

A Castle Bounce House

“I saw on Facebook that a new trend for weddings were bounce houses. I immediately turned to my fiancé and said, ‘We are totally doing this!’ We hired a bounce house company and we’re going to have a bouncy castle at the wedding. Guests will go nuts!” —Sharon F., 28

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