What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Love Life This Week: December 2, 2019

Your weekly love horoscope has arrived.

Updated 12/02/19

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With Thanksgiving now behind us (can you believe it?!) the holidays are now in full swing. 

But, the bigger news this week is Jupiter's ingress into Capricorn. 

After a year transiting through its natural sign of Sagittarius, the planet of expansion, truth, justice, freedom and our belief systems moves into more restrictive, Saturn-ruled Capricorn. Jupiter in Capricorn can feel like a push-pull initially. But, the beauty of this seemingly negative spin to the planet of luck, is that once we stop trying to skip steps in the process of going from A-Z, we can find a flow that dramatically helps us build solid working relationships or set and achieve huge goals. 

Jupiter expands our consciousness and vision and dressed in the sign of Capricorn, it helps us recognize where we may need to work within the system—or create new systems—to achieve what we desire. 

Later in the week, a square between the Sun in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces may leave you feeling a bit scattered, so just make sure you're clear on weekend plans early in the week.

For more on what this week has in store, here are your weekly love horoscopes, courtesy of expert astrologer Suzie Kerr Wright.

Sagittarius: November 22—December 21

What you want and what you can afford are going in two different directions now. With the holidays fast approaching, your generosity may outweigh your bank account. Stick to a budget and a list and don't divert. Money's definitely coming in—you may even be up for a bonus, but you don't want to exceed your limits now. Use your creativity to make some gifts as well as buy them.

Capricorn: December 22—January 19

This is a powerful time for Capricorns. With so many planets in your house of appearance, self-confidence, new beginnings and individualism, you'll be reframing how you interact with everyone. Loved ones may notice the difference and wonder what's going on. Your partner may get a bit suspicious of the new you that's emerging. Just reassure them with lots of love and romantic gestures. You're integrating your outsides and insides now, meaning people are going to see more of who you really are and they'll love it.

Aquarius: January 20—February 18 

Breaking old habits that are holding you back will become a priority now. As you spend more alone time (even though your phone will be blowing up with invites), you're going to be receiving a lot of cosmic downloads to help you move past your past finally. It's served you well, but you see more value in looking ahead now.

Pisces: February 19—March 20

A friend's advice on how to handle a work situation may not be the best. Watch out for tripping yourself up. Go with your gut. Your partner may seem a bit critical so again, listen to what you know to be true and make sure you're clear on what you are trying to achieve in the relationship and as far as your life goals are concerned. If you find yourself being tossed around emotionally, that's a sign you're not fully committed.

Aries: March 21—April 20

A surprise announcement at work sets you off on a path you maybe hadn't considered before. This is an unusual turn of events. Relationships cruise along nicely now. Make sure your loved ones are on board with your latest goals by sharing even if it seems like a pipe dream.

Taurus: April 21—May 20

Money and friendships do not mix so be cautious if you feel like helping someone out with a loan or large purchase. See if you can help them obtain what they need through another means. If you're looking at heading back to school or increasing your income-generating power through knowledge, stick to the traditional. A shortcut method may be a bad deal down the road.

Gemini: May 21—June 20

You and your partner may not agree on the best course of action but you will agree that it's time to make some significant changes over the next year. You may be looking at purchasing a home, but can't agree on what type or where. Regardless, have some fun with the dream and make it less about who wins, more about working together.

Cancer: June 21—July 22

A breakthrough with a friend or your significant other gives you the chance to see their side of things from a more detached perspective. You may feel as if no one has been listening at work but on Wednesday, you realize you've been more than heard. If you're looking for work, the call you've been waiting for finally comes. The bottom line is, you're doing fine whether or not anyone tells you. Confidence, dear Cancer. Confidence!

Leo: July 23—August 22

Creative solutions come easily to you as others will seem to bombard you with requests for help. Getting to the bottom of an ongoing health challenge may be a bit more difficult. With expansive Jupiter in your house of health, pets, and daily routines, you'll be on the hunt for a new way to stay in optimum health. This week you can find a system that works well for you. Be careful of a financial commitment that seems too good to be true—it is.

Virgo: August 23—September 22

Let your partner know what you're feeling without sulking. With Mercury in Scorpio in your communication sector, you can get to the bottom of a misunderstanding quickly and thoroughly. Keep your language in the “I feel” mode rather than “you make me...” Thinking of having a serious talk with one of your kids or your boss? Write it out first so you don't get distracted. You're super creative now.

Libra: September 23—October 22

You're full of exciting news and information and just dying to tell others! It's all good unless it's gossip. Which could have some less than exciting repercussions. So watch what you share. Family will be interested in helping with your goals now but make sure no strings are attached or that their generosity doesn't keep you from exploring bigger options later.

Scorpio: October 23—November 21

Take a chance and reach out early in the week to a friend or business that you'd like to work with on a project. Mercury in your sign helps you think of all the angles to help make this happen. Conversations with children and siblings are full of silliness but if you really pay attention, you could hear something that inspires you and helps put some piece of your life into perspective.

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