Hosting a Weekday Wedding? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

Weekday Wedding


Saturday weddings are hardly going by the wayside — but more and more, whether to save money on a dream venue or snag a busy, booked-up vendor, couples are opting to host weekday weddings. "Besides saving money, I like the idea of a weekday wedding," admits event planner Melissa McNeeley. "Something about it seems more intimate, and there is also something luxurious about it."

Meet the Expert

Melissa McNeeley is the owner of Events by Melissa McNeeley in New York City.

But before you schedule your big day on an off-day, there are several things you should consider:

  1. Out-of-town guests may need to take a day or more off work to attend your wedding — and some may simply not be able to do that. "If you are asking people to go out of their way to travel during the week, make sure you're considerate of them," McNeeley says. "Host a nice meal or send them a welcome bag at the hotel. In some way, show that you're grateful that they made it."
  2. Work and rush-hour traffic mean guests may not be able to attend until 6 p.m. or after, so plan to host evening festivities (i.e. a brunch reception is out).
  3. While guests may have trouble getting to your wedding because of work, if they have to return to their 9-to-5 the next day, they may not want to stay out late for the same reason. "That's tricky if you want a dance party," admits McNeeley.
  4. There's nothing wrong with a Wednesday wedding, but McNeeley thinks Friday affairs are your best bet. "You have cocktails on Thursday night, a wedding on Friday and then you do fun, local things on Saturday and Sunday with your families and out of town guests," she says.
  5. "Remember to ask for weekday discounts!" McNeeley says. Whatever your reasons for hosting an off-day affair, you should be able to save money. "Vendors are more likely to be free and are thrilled to have a non-Saturday wedding," McNeeley says. "They may even be able to come down in price."
  6. Understand people may think the idea is odd. "How you present this non-traditional wedding is important," McNeeley says. Consider nipping gossip in the bud by writing in your save the date or invitation that "you understand it's not the norm, but it will be fun — and that you hope guests can make it but understand if they can't."

Whatever day you choose, remember: "It's your wedding, and you get to have the one you want on the date you want," McNeeley says. "Learn to accept that you can't please everyone, and focus on what sounds like a dreamy wedding to you and your groom."

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