Wedding Reception Idea We Love: Whiskey Bars

Updated 06/09/16

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Do you and your groom love whiskey? Then you've got to incorporate your favorite booze into your wedding reception by setting up a whiskey bar. Invite guests to sip some fine whiskey neat or on the rocks, or mix it up in your favorite cocktails. Either way, a whiskey bar is a guaranteed crowd pleaser! Here are our favorite spins on this idea:

Whiskey Cocktails (above): If you and your groom are whiskey fans, offer your favorite whiskey-based cocktails at the bar, like Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, and Boulevardiers.

Tasting Bar: Set up a whiskey tasting area at the reception with your favorite bottles; be sure to label and describe each one (include the location of the distillery and years aged).

Photo: Jose Villa

Nautical Theme: Create a clean, uniform look to your whiskey bar by decanting each bottle and tying a label around the neck with nautical rope.

Groom's Whiskey Bar: Surprise your new husband with a whiskey bar at the reception stocked with his favorite bottles.

Bourbon Bar: If you or your groom are a bit of a bourbon geek, provide informational cards for each whiskey describing its provenance and tasting notes.

Chalkboard Signs: When it comes to a setting up a whiskey bar, clear signage is key so guests know what's on offer.

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