Creative Wedding Vow Keepsakes

Updated 11/25/14
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If you've decided to write your own vows (P.S. We love this idea!), then it's a good idea to come up with a creative and meaningful way to hold and display your heartfelt wedding-day sentiments. (A crumpled-up sheet of notebook paper is not gonna cut it!) Here are some of our favorite ideas:

Vows Journals (above): Pen your vows in these keepsake letterpress journals from BHLDN—they're small enough to fit in your groom's pocket or your wedding-day clutch.

Framed Vows: Handwrite your wedding-day sentiments on paper then place them in simple frames; read from them aloud during the ceremony, then display the frames later at the reception.

Vows Folder with Hankie: If you're up for a DIY project, print your vows and glue them in a simple fabric-covered folder; then, attach a just-in-case handkerchief to the other side.

Photo: Megan Clouse

Tied to Your Wedding Rings: Another idea is to handwrite your vows on small cards, then tie your wedding bands to the side. Right before the ceremony is about to begin, give the cards to your maid of honor and best man to hold until it's time to exchange vows.

Photo: Weddingstar

Vows and Rings Box: This clever keepsake box is designed to look like a vintage hardcover book but is actually a special place to keep your wedding vows. On the other side is a jewelry compartment for your wedding rings.

On a Tiny Sheet of Paper: For something unexpected, carefully write your vows on a tiny, extra-long sheet of paper and slowly unravel the spool as you read the words aloud.

Photo: Etsy

Wedding Vows Poster: Turn your wedding vows into a work of art. This Etsy shop will create a poster from your vows; display it at the altar during the ceremony, then frame and hang it in your living room as a one-of-a-kind wedding keepsake.

Personalized Vows Notebooks: Here are several takes on the personalized vows booklette: Purchase a pair of "His" and "Hers" pocket-size notebooks from this Etsy shop, like this bride did. You could also personalize (or DIY them) with your names. And, while you're at it, pen a message to your soon-to-be spouse on the back of each sheet for a sweet surprise (his says "You look stunning!").

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