What Is Swagging? And 9 Other Confusing Wedding Terms Defined

Dear WesleyAnn

Feel like your wedding planner is speaking in a foreign tongue when he or she talks about prepping for your big day? Believe us brides, you're not the only ones. That's why we put together a quick little list to help you get up to speed on a few wedding terms you may not be familiar with.

Aisle Runner: A carpet or piece of fabric that lines the path the bridal party and bride walk to the altar. It can be used for both practical purposes (to protect the bride's dress from getting dirty outside) or for décor to add an elegant touch to the ceremony.

Arbor: Often used in beach, garden, rustic, bohemian and other outdoor style weddings, an arbor is an arch made of branches or latticework covered in vines and greenery and is the spot where a couple stands to get married.

Chair Belts & Bands: You know how you add a belt to a plain outfit to tie together the entire look? Well, chair belts and bands are kind of like this, as they add visual interest to your chairs and make the entire setup look pulled together and more elegant.

Charger: And no, we're not talking about cell phones! A charger is an elegant plate that your guests' dinner plates sit on top of. They're typically seen at multiple course meals and weddings, of course, where they serve as decoration and aren't actually eaten off of.

Chuppah: A cloth canopy (or ceremony structure) that is held up by four poles and is a main fixture in a Jewish wedding, as this is the place where the couple says, "I do". The Chuppah is also a symbol of the newlyweds' first home together.

Escort Cards: Unlike place cards, they simply have your name and table number written on them so that guests can easily figure out where they'll be sitting, as opposed to checking out every single table for the right spot.

Filler: If you're not trying to completely break the bank on flowers then fillers will be your go-to. Basically, they're budget-friendly flowers, foliage and berries that help fill out your centerpieces, bouquets and other arrangements so they look full and gorgeous.

Overlay: A decorative tablecloth or linen that is layered on top of a floor length linen (or underlay) in order to dress up your reception tables and add some dimension, texture and style to them. Basically, these babies make your tables look even more gorgeous.

Presentation of Roses: Just when you thought you had all the flowers you could possibly need, you'll want to make sure you don't forget the presentation of roses. During the wedding ceremony, you'll give one rose to your groom's mother and he'll present another to your mom as a way to honor them both. While this is optional, it sure is a sweet gesture for the parents.

Swagging: If you want to give your wedding tables or tent some serious swagger, try this chic decorating technique, often used to form a dreamy white ceiling on canopy beds too. Fabric is simply draped so that it hangs down in the middle between two end points.

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