5 Unique Alternatives to the Traditional Wedding Videographer

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Hoping to cut costs without missing out on all the wedding action? For most couples, hiring a photographer is a non-negotiable, but many regret not bringing a videographer on board, because, well, there's just something to be said about watching your big day back on film that simply doesn't compare to those picture-perfect still shots.

So if the traditional route doesn't float your boat, or perhaps it breaks the bank, consider trying one of these five unique alternatives for an unforgettable and budget-friendly wedding video keepsake.

1. Get Some GoPros

Give them to a few trusted people (or heck, even your dog—yep, it's been done!) who can wear/shoot with them throughout the evening or stage a few around the room to capture everything, recommend Jennifer Arreguin and Natasha Burton, co-founders of Swoon California in Santa Barbara. "Then you can go through the footage, which would be super fun since it allows you to re-live the day all over again, and from there, either cut the highlights together yourselves or hire a pro at that point to put together a video for you."

2. Set Up a Video Booth

Rather than hiring a professional videographer, consider having a video recorder (yes, they do still exist for purchase) set up where guests can send their congratulations and advice for the couple in a specified area, suggests Alana Futcher, Chancey Charm Richmond wedding planner. Better yet, rent a ShutterBooth video booth!

Not only can you do a standard video of guests speaking and giving their well wishes, but as celebrity wedding planner Scoobie West of Scoobie & Company points out, you can also do a slo-mo video of everyone dancing, truth or dare, and more.

3. Invite Your Guests to Record Their Favorite Moments and Post on Instagram

You'll definitely want to create a unique wedding hashtag specifically for this! That way, you can easily click on it later and look through a video montage of the entire evening from different angles, notes Ani Keshishian, Creative Director of Anoush Banquet Halls & Catering and L.A. Banquets. Give your guests ideas, such as recording the first dance, cake cutting, speeches, ceremony tidbits (if you don't mind people whipping out their phones), and dance floor action shots, of course. "Your entire party will have a lot of fun with it and they'll also feel like they're a big part of the experience." Who doesn't love a good candid video—or 50?

4. Use UrLife

Whether you download the app or just hit up the website, UrLife is a must-have for any DIY bride. In a nutshell, it helps you transform those candid smartphone videos and photos into your very own wedding movie trailer that you can share with friends and family. The best part is, the editing is done by real film editors (not some robots) and the trailers come complete with special effects, voiceovers, and tell your actual wedding story. While it is a bit pricey at up to $595 for a three-minute video (or $995 for an extended trailer), that's still a whole lot better than a few thousand bucks-plus for a videographer.

5. Try WeddingMix

Similar to UrLife, WeddingMix takes all your random still pictures and video clips and transforms them into a stunning wedding day video for couples. There are several different packages to choose from too, ranging from $99 up to $849.

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