Wedding Veils 101: A Veil Length for Every Bridal Style

Updated 05/05/16

Settled on the perfect dress but not the perfect veil? Nothing makes you feel quite like a bride, than trying on a veil with your dream dress! But finding the exact length can be tricky. Not to worry, we've got everything you need to consider before choosing the right veil length for your bridal style.

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If you're looking for drama, a cathedral length veil is for you. Usually extending from 7 to an impressive 20 feet long, these glamorous veils are fit for royalty — and for good reason, they are sometimes appropriately referred to as regal, or royal length veils, too!

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Ballet Length

These veils are perfect for brides-to-be that want a longer veil, but don't want to stress about a train dragging behind them. Typically falling somewhere in between the fingertips and above the ground, this style offers worry-free glamour that suits most dress silhouettes.

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Floor or Chapel Length

These veils (you've guessed it!) fall to the floor, and perhaps a few inches beyond, leaving the train drama for cathedral veils. This style is a great choice for the bride who wants to add some extra romance to her look without needing an attendant to follow her every move.

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Fingertip Length

These mid-length veils can grace your elbows, or fingertips, which enables you to both wear a veil and still showcase your gown in all its glory. This style is said to help elongate your shape, and is considered to be one of most universally flattering.

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A popular choice amongst traditional brides, a blusher is typically a single tiered layer of tulle affixed to a comb that falls in front of the face. Rooted in religion and tradition, the original concept behind a blusher involves "unveiling" the bride to her new husband once they meet at the altar. Having evolved to be a bridal fashion staple, blushers also add a mysterious and ethereal appeal to a bridal ensemble.

Some Final Tips...

When it comes to choosing the perfect veil for you, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Before you go shopping, decide on the hairstyle and hairpiece (and of course — the gown!) for your big day, that will make it easier to start shopping for the right lenght.

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