A Go-To Wedding Undergarment Guide for Your Groom and His Guys

Updated 10/19/15

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Ladies, it's not all about the tux! Turns out, the most important part of your groom's wedding day wardrobe could be what lies beneath...yep, his undies. As creators of Related Garments, David and Mike Appel, point out, "With the proper comfort, fit and support, the right undergarment makes a man feel stylish from the inside out." And shouldn't your guy be feeling fine on his big day? We certainly think so! Below, the brothers share their top tips for picking the perfect boxer briefs, plus some really fun ideas for grooms and groomsmen.

Tip 1: Coordinate

Matching lingerie is a must so why not get your guy on board with his wedding undergarments too? The brothers suggest picking a pair of socks that pop or have some flare. "That way, when you're wearing a solid suit the socks show off a hint of your creativity and your personality as well." Bonus points if your socks match your jocks (or at least coordinate nicely).

Tip 2: Keep it comfortable

Because boxers that ride up your thigh all night def won't fly while you're trying to break it down on the dance floor, warn the Appels. Give your wedding briefs or a similar pair from the same brand a test run before the big day to ensure maximum comfort. And don't forget to practice your dance moves in them too. Trust us, you'll be glad you did.

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Tip 3: Stay stylish

You put some serious thought into your suit, so don't just throw on any old thing underneath. Instead, undress to impress, advise the brothers. "Your bride-to-be will be pleased to see you took the extra step, and you'll be ready to party knowing that you're fashionable and fresh to death beneath that tux." The wedding night couldn't come soon enough!

Tip 4: Make it a groomsmen gift

Ah, a match made in heaven! Beyond wearing the same suits, Mike and David recommend having your groomsmen rock the same socks and underwear. "This would not only make for a thoughtful gift, but it's the perfect group photo opportunity." And what couple doesn't love a good group shot?

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