Quiz Alert! What Is Your Ideal Wedding Style?

Updated 04/04/14

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These days, a "traditional wedding" is a style all on its own. While weddings used to fall in the same general mold—classic white wedding dress, four-tier white wedding cake, roses — modern affairs often serve to say something about a couple's personality, taste, and history. From little details like naming your tables after places you've vacationed together, to major wedding themes like vintage Parisian carnivals, to the rustic events that have surged in popularity, there is truly a wedding style for every kind of couple.

So how do you choose what kind to plan? We devised a quiz that will guide you to your ideal kind of wedding. Answer the questions, scroll to the bottom, and see what style is best for your big day.

Your favorite TV show

a. Mad Men

*b. New Girl

c. Sex and the City

d. Gossip Girl

e. Game of Thrones

f. Lost*

Choose an ideal meal

*a. Steak and a baked potato

b. Cupcakes!

c. Caviar and champagne

d. Lobster

e. A farm-to-table salad

f. Fusion cuisine*

Pick a weekend getaway

*a. Any kind of road trip

b. Disney World

c. Paris

d. A jaunt on a sailboat

e. Camping

f. The beach*

What's your spirit animal?

*a. Rabbit

b. Unicorn

c. Lion

d. Whale

e. Moose

f. Dolphin*

You just won $1,000 to spend on your wedding. You'll put it towards...

*a. A vintage getaway car

b. A Ferris wheel

c. More champagne

d. Monogrammed napkins

e. Extra flowers

f. Plane fare to your far-off venue*

The Results:

If you picked mostly a's: You should have a retro wedding. Every day is throwback Thursday for you! You love vintage-inspired details like old-school cars, traditional meals, and, obviously nostalgia-soaked TV shows. Celebrate your appreciation of days gone by at your wedding by serving classic cocktails like Gimlets and Old Fashioneds. Maybe you'll wear your hair in pin curls and throw on a birdcage veil, or perhaps you'll throw in touches like black-and-white photos as table numbers. Either way, your wedding will celebrate the best of the past.

If you picked mostly b's: You should have a whimsical wedding. Just because it's your wedding, doesn't mean you should minimize your playful side! You love bright colors and energetic activities, and your wedding is a great time to share your interests with your guests. Consider serving a cupcake tower as dessert instead of a wedding cake, and choose a color palette filled with bold hues. You'll definitely get a kick out of a photo booth, especially one with costumes, and don't spare details like pinwheels and confetti.

If you picked mostly c's: You should have a formal wedding. Your appreciation for the finer things in life will definitely come into play for your wedding. Black-tie affairs never go out of style, and you will surely feel comfortable among your tuxedo and long gown-clad guests. At a venue like The Plaza Hotel, you'll serve family and friends oysters and caviar, and luxuriate among details like a champagne tower and an eight-piece band. A color palette of black, cream, and muted gold will be the perfect way to infuse your wedding with high-end glamour.

If you picked mostly d's: You should have a preppy wedding. You're a sucker for seersucker, as well as plaid, gingham, and every other East Coast pattern. Why not incorporate those into your wedding, as well? Even if you're not getting married in, say, Nantucket, you should still serve up clam chowder, keep your tones to whites and blues, and use mini buoys as escort cards. Nautical and nice is always the way to go if you're a prep at heart.

If you picked mostly e's: You should have a rustic wedding. Why bring the outdoors in when you can just be outdoors? You live for hikes, camping trips, fuzzy animals, and have a laid-back approach toward life. Your wedding can be just as breezy, with earthy tones, blooming flowers, and an all-outside venue. Wear a long, flowy bohemian gown and top your hairstyle with a flower crown as you walk down a ceremony aisle in the woods. Incorporate tree bark into all of your paper goods, and serve up some farm-to-table goodness that your guests will happily devour.

If you picked mostly f's: You should have a destination wedding. You live for travel, so why not make your wedding another fabulous trip? Hitting the beach, exploring new cities, and trying new foods are among your favorite activities. When you get married, you'll probably fly guests out to a romantic beach, where you'll say "I Do" in a short wedding dress, pass out tequila shots after your vows, and perhaps have a local band play throughout the reception. Serve up exotic cuisine for your meal and don't skimp on colors that reflect a gorgeous beach sunset.

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