How to Handle Wedding Stress When You're Pregnant

Forget the DIY favors, you've got more important things to worry about

Updated 06/12/18

Cari Courtright

So you're pregnant and planning your wedding—easier said than done to say the least! Now that you’re saying “I do” for two, you have twice the amount of things to plan—and stress over. From heightened concerns over your budget to wondering whether or not your dress of choice will fit on your big day, it’s no surprise if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. But now, more than ever, it’s important to keep your stress level under control, since the slightest elevation can have an impact on your pregnancy. Plus you, too, deserve some TLC (pregnancy hormones can take a major toll!) in preparation for your big day. To help you successfully plan your wedding with your sanity intact, here are some expert-approved solutions for handling wedding planning stress while pregnant.

Be open to changing the date

Depending on how closely your due date and original wedding date fall, you might want to consider moving the only one that’s flexible. “Anything too close to your due date will increase your stress levels, so map out your options with your fiancée and see how it will impact your budget,” suggests Emily Sullivan, wedding planner and founder of Emily Sullivan Events. “Talk with your wedding day team to see if there is any flexibility.” Depending on the time of year and their other commitments, your vendors might be less willing to budge, but it doesn’t hurt to at least ask and weigh out your options.

Work with your dress tailor for alterations

One of the biggest stresses that may pop up is your wedding dress, especially if it was ordered before you became pregnant. Sullivan recommends giving your bridal shop a heads up as soon as possible so they can begin creating a plan for your alterations. For all other wedding-related events leading up to your big day, consider a Rent the Runway Maternity unlimited membership. “For $159 a month (FYI your first month is $99!), you get four pieces of clothes, which you can swap out any time, so you can always feel great about what your wearing whether you have a wedding event, errands or just are feeling like nothing fits,” says Rachel Silver, founder and CEO, Love Stories TV. “You can go from your regular size in your first trimester to maternity clothes in your third all with one subscription.”

Avoid DIY projects at all costs

Even if you’re the most creative bride-to-be in the history of weddings, limit the amount of DIY projects you take on leading up to your wedding. “It sounds like a great idea and can even save you money, but so many brides forget that these projects tend me incredibly time-consuming, not to mention stressful,” says Sullivan. If there’s ever a time to hire help instead of hand-chiseling every detail of your wedding day yourself, it’s when you’re expecting, she adds.

Make self-care a top priority

With so much of your time and energy focused on your upcoming nuptials and your soon-to-be baby, it’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. Remember that your wellbeing is equally important, especially as you prepare for parenthood. Whether to you that means eating well, attending yoga classes or booking monthly massages throughout your pregnancy, maintain your focus on what will help you relieve stress. For Kelen Settle, of Charleston, South Carolina, who found out she was expecting just weeks before her big day, barre classes were her safe haven. “I was addicted to Pure Barre for 8-9 months prior to my wedding and continued into my pregnancy,” she tells BRIDES. “It's low impact and super safe for the baby, but a highly effective way to tone for the wedding, burn off any stress and take a moment for yourself.”

Keep your eyes on the prize

“Remind yourself every day that what’s important is that you are your partner love each other and are committing to a life together and becoming a family,” says Taillac. “The wedding is simply a way for you to honor this and celebrate this with those you love.” If you notice tensions building between you and your significant other surrounding your wedding plans, she putting the planning on hold to take some time out to be together just the two of you—after all, soon you will be three!

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