His Hers Signature Cocktail Sign Ideas

Updated 03/01/16

Cassandra Eldridge Photography

Serving your favorite cocktails at your wedding is a great way to personalize your menu. Not to mention the fact that if you're looking for ways to save money, serving two signature cocktails instead of offering a full bar will add up to a significant amount of savings. Then, all you need to do is create a fun cocktail-menu sign to let guests know what's on tap — here are some of our favorite His and Hers Cocktails sign ideas.

Silhouettes (above): Add your silhouettes to a chalkboard menu to add a personal touch.

His, Hers, and Ours: Is there a drink that you both enjoy? Add it to the menu, too!

Photo: Jessica Burke

Mr. and Mrs.: Instead of trying to come up with a clever cocktail name, opt for a simple "Mr." and "Mrs."

Photo: Noi Tran

"The Bride is Drinking...": A handwritten chalkboard sign lists the evening's beverage options, including the bride's and groom's signature cocktails.

Illustrated Sign: This illustrated signature-cocktail menu is a simple and straightforward way to let guests know what's on offer at the bar.

Photo: Dana Cubbage

His & Hers (with illustrations!): Your guests will also appreciate a quick rundown of the ingredients in each drink.

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