Wedding Registry Items Perfect for Neat Freaks

We're coming clean about the best household cleaning products to add to your registry.


Can you relate to Danny Tanner’s love of cleaning on a personal level? Do you get a serious sense of satisfaction when your toilet gleams like a shiny new Corvette? Then your registry should reflect that! Embrace your love of everything neat, clean, and shiny by registering for items that will help you live your neat-freak truth. Here are some of our favorite items that will keep your registry purposeful and useful, and your home clean and happy.


Does a freshly vacuumed carpet bring you joy? We get it. One of our vacuums, the Dyson Small Ball Multifloor Upright Vacuum, is sure to please typical home cleaners and vacuum enthusiasts alike. At 12.5 pounds, this lightweight vacuum packs a powerful punch with less noise, and has a self-adjusting cleaner head that works on carpets and hard floors simultaneously. A retractable handle and hygienic bin emptying also adds to the convenience.

Steam Mop

Mopping, when done correctly, is a fantastic way to keep your floors gleaming. When done the wrong way, it can be a waste of time, slopping dirty water along floors that just won’t get clean. Enter, the steam mop. The Shark Genius Steam Pocket Mop System boasts Touch-Free technology, dirt grip pads, and Steam Blaster technology to ensure your floors are not only clean, but sanitized too. Eliminating 99.9% of household bacteria, targeted steam will clean up sticky and greasy messes, and built-in steam control lets you control the amount you need, for the results you desire.

Monthly Subscriptions

Who doesn’t love getting packages? In a day and age where snacks, groceries, fashion, beauty products, and more can be delivered to your door like clockwork, why not a custom box for cleaning products, too? Squix’s QBox is fully customizable, featuring more than 75 home cleaning, germ-busting products to choose from. With three full-size products plus a free gift in each box, you can subscribe monthly and pause any time, while enjoying 20% off other items on the site.

Under the Bed Storage

Cringe at the thought of just hiding things under the bed? Fear not. To keep things organized and clean, registering for a few under the bed storage containers are an easy way to keep things out of sight, but not out of mind—so you know everything is in its place and protected. These Under Bed Box Chests Drawers from IRIS are extra-long, sturdy, and even stack securely while opening and closing so you don’t have to take the boxes out each time you need access.

Closet Space

You can never have enough closet space. Thankfully, there are two products that true organizers simply cannot live without. Space saving hangers, such as the Real Simple Slimline 50-Count Flocked Suit Hangers available at Bed Bath and Beyond, are non-slip and super slim, allowing clothes to hang in place neatly, while also staying in place among the others.

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If you’re still short on space, or are storing items based on seasonality, Ziploc Space Bags are sure to be a lifesaver. To pack away your heavy jackets and comforters after winter, store guest linens when not in use, or keep anything else that isn’t used regularly neatly stored, simply fold and place the items in the bag, vacuum out the excess air, and voila!


Cleaning a grill can be downright frustrating. With burnt-on gunk and grime (especially post-summer bbq season) its often impossible to clean it perfectly by hand. Thankfully, this Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner makes it easy. With hands-free operation, this battery operated tool can be used both before and after using your grill to keep it in mint condition. It's built in timer and CPU chip does all the thinking for you, and you can literally "set it and forget it"—the best way to clean.

Floor Cleaners

By now you've probably heard or seen iRobot's popular robotic vacuum the Roomba, but for anti-moppers everywhere, their Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot is a dream come true. Long gone are the days of sloppy buckets and dripping wet floors. This robotic promise to keep walls and furniture safe while mopping and sweeping hard floors, even getting in to all the tough-to-reach places. Able to clean even the most frustrating stains, it will even select the best cleaning mode for the job, all while boasting connectivity to the iRobot HOME app.

Window Washers

It’s time to ditch the ladder, streaky cleaning spray, and tons of paper towels. Winbot, a robotic window washing device, will now clean your windows, mirrors, glass doors, and more all with the press of a single button. With its Pathfinder technology, it’s able to detect the size of your window while following a custom cleaning path, avoiding edges and design obstacles. The result? Glistening windows and mirrors without any of the elbow grease.

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Over the Sink Organizers

Counter space is a hot commodity, we know. Instead of taking up space with a clunky dish rack, check out this collapsible over-the-sink option. Prepworks Collapsible Over the Sink Dish Drainer is perfect for drying dishes when you need to, and putting it away with ease when you don’t.

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