The Next Big Wedding Reception Trend: Silent Disco!

Breath new life into your dance party with this DJ-driven trend

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Thought the most you could do to make your wedding reception exciting was choose between a fantastic band and a killer DJ? Well, there’s a new trend in town, and it’s here to turn your dance party on its head. Lisa Ciampi, production manager at Élan Artists, joins us to spread the word about silent disco.

“Instead of your guests all listening to a single song, they can each be wearing light-up headphones tuned into one of three channels, picking the vibe that appeals to them most in the moment,” says Ciampi. The headphones are lit with one of three colors, each coordinating with a station so your guests can get down with other guests grooving to the same tunes. “Depending on which station they choose, guests are either hearing a mix from a live DJ (or two or three DJs!) or a pre-mixed playlist. As you switch stations, the color on your headphones changes so you can see what everyone around you is listening to. It creates a super interesting dance party as everyone is experiencing different music.”

So why bring headphones into the mix? “The silent disco gives the user control over their party experience,” Ciampi explains. “If you don’t like a song, you can change stations, and if guests nearby seem like they’re having a blast, you can tune in and join them.”

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For the optimal experience, skip the playlists and instead hire multiple DJs. “If you have a DJ for each station, they’ll be spinning live. The DJs get really into it, competing to see who can get the most guests on their channel by looking out at the crowd to see which color is more popular,” Ciampi says. Wedding reception meets dueling DJs? Send us an invite!

Paul Morse

A silent disco also has more practical plusses. “If your venue is outdoors or has noise restrictions, a silent disco lets you keep the party going without getting in trouble with the neighbors,” says Ciampi. It also has quick and easy set-up, since there are no bulky speakers to unload and install. And as long as your guests are within 300 feet of the DJ source, you can have a silent disco with just a few guests or hundreds.

Looking to have a silent disco at your wedding? “Rentals cost between $1500 and $3000, depending on how many guests you’ll have,” says Ciampi. “All you’ll need is a few people to set up the headphones and transmission, distribute the headphones during the party, and re-pack and return the rental when it’s over.” Then add in the cost of hiring your favorite DJ (or DJs), and there’s your reception! Of course, you can also hire Élan Artists to do it all—they’ll provide the DJs and rentals, set everything up, then break it down when the party’s over. Says Ciampi, “It’s a unique experience your guests haven’t seen a hundred times before, and is interactive, exciting, and totally memorable!”

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