High School Couples Are Sharing Their Side-by-Side Prom and Wedding Photos on Twitter

Can't. Handle. The. Emotions

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Jimmy Fallon’s not the only one that can start a viral wedding craze! One month after the talk show host had brides and grooms everywhere sharing their most hilarious #WeddingFails on the interwebs, another trending Twitter movement has sprung up in its place.

This one was started by Sydnie Haag, who shared a heartwarming photo of herself and her husband from their high school formal next to one of the couple on their wedding day. “Prom vs. wedding,” she wrote.

The post was an instant hit, quickly garnering more than 582K likes and 79K shares. And just like that, a new thread was born!

Commenters quickly followed suit, taking to social media en masse to show off their own transformations from schoolyard sweethearts to newlyweds.

While some looked completely different, many looked much the same, with some even recreating the iconic poses they’d made together years prior for their big days.

Others also posted photos from long after the ceremony was over. “Prom '87 [to] Wedding '91,” one woman wrote, adding, “And just last weekend ago after 28 years of marriage (and an 11.5 mile hike).”

Needless to say, the shots stirred up some serious feelings. Commenters were overcome by the love these couples felt for each other, writing responses of, “How [are] people this lucky bruh?” and “Fell into a hole looking at the prom vs wedding pics and I think I’m gonna cry myself to sleep now.”

Concluded one woman, “I saw a thread of prom vs wedding pics and damn these people really be in love like that.”

Scroll down to see some of the sweetest shots we found below!

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