Do You Really Need a Wedding Program?

Updated 10/03/14

Blair Nicole Photography

Some things in your wedding are absolutely necessary: A dress (be it traditionally white or a trendy, colorful frock of your choosing), a ceremony with some sort of vows, and a party to celebrate after. What you do from there, is up to you. Many couples choose to stick to tradition by having a bridal party, a cake, and printed invitations. But some customary big-day items may feel excessive. One prime example? Ceremony programs. Here, why you do or don't need a lineup of events to come.

Do I really need a program at my wedding ceremony?

Of course not. What you choose to have your wedding is completely up to you. Sure, a program helps punctuate the course of events, and may be very helpful if you're holding a lengthy, traditional ceremony like a Catholic one, for example. If you want to give credit to vendors or highlight any important people in both of your lives like family members, a friend who introduced you two, etc, this is also the place to do it. Then again, if you want a program solely to announce the key players in your big day, you can do just the same on your wedding website. You can also map out a general plan for the ceremony on your site, too, if you want. Again, the choice is completely up to you! No one will miss the program if you choose not to have one, but if you're throwing a more formal wedding, it's a nice added touch. Regardless it won't make or break your big day.

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