How to Turn Wedding Planning into Your Best Mother-Daughter Activity Yet

After all, what is wedding planning if not the ultimate mother-daughter activity?

Updated 06/09/17

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When you start wedding planning, you'll start to see all the things you've dreamed of since your first stint as a flower girl. But there’s a chance your mom has been dreaming about it even longer. When the time comes for you to actually start planning, you know Mom is going to want to be involved every step of the way. After all, what is wedding planning if not the ultimate mother-daughter activity? Whether you’re already BFFs or are using this transitional moment in your life to get to know one another as true friends, here’s how to make this the best bonding experience you and your mom have ever had.

Make Every Task an Event

Dress shopping? Pop some champagne when you find the One. Searching for shoes? Get pedicures before you hit the mall. Designing invitations? Turn it into a girls’ day and head out for lunch or dinner when you’re done. Assembling welcome bags? Turn up the tunes and mix up your signature cocktails! Sure, they’re to-do list tasks, but by surrounding those must-do items with a little extra fun, they’ll become memories you’ll both really cherish.

Keep Her in the Loop

Even if you have every detail taken care of and don’t necessarily need your mom’s help with wedding planning, keep her informed. Send her pictures of the floral mock-ups or text her about which cake flavors you’ll be serving. Let her know when you’re at your fitting or give her a call as soon as those invitations are in the mail. By including her in what you’re working on and what’s coming up next, she’ll feel like she’s a part of it, every step of the way. And don’t worry: Just like you, she may have seen every design board, but the final product will still be a huge and gorgeous surprise on your wedding day!

Have Mother-Daughter Time

If you thought planning a wedding was stressful and emotional for you, just think how your mom is feeling: She’s been by your side since day one, and now her little girl is about to become a bride—and a wife! So between the piles of envelopes that need to be stuffed and the budget that needs to be carefully watched, make a little time to hang out with your mom like you used to. You might talk about the wedding, you might talk about marriage, or you might take a much-needed trip down memory lane to remind you both of how far you’ve come together.

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