The 11 Best Moments of a Wedding, According to Photographers

Updated 07/18/16

 Photo by Jordan Quinn Photography

Being a wedding photographer gives you insight into life and love in ways that other people can't quite imagine. After all, it's your job to capture the sweetest and most special moments of a couple's life together! Having witnessed so many vows, first kisses, dances, and bites of cake, we knew there had to be a few moments that stood out as wedding photographers' favorite moments to both watch and photograph. While it was a tall order (seriously, with so much love in the air, how could you choose just one moment?), we've rounded up photographers' favorite wedding moments. Have a tissue handy, these sweet snaps just might bring a tear to your eye!

A Moment with Mom

"I love when brides choose to get ready somewhere meaningful, like in the home where they grew up," says Abby Jiu of Abby Jiu Photography. "This bride [above] got dressed in her mother's dressing room, the same place she'd watched her mom get ready for an evening out so many times while growing up. It was so peaceful and quiet, and they had a beautiful moment together as the significance of the day set in."

The Man of the Hour

"Grooms are often overlooked on the wedding day," says Melanie Nashan of Nashan Photographers. (We're guessing it has something to do with not wearing a big white dress!) "I love taking their portraits and capturing this moment in their lives. I especially loved this one, because the groom is also a photographer. His bride gave him a vintage camera as her wedding gift!"

Tamara Gruner Photography

Happy Tears

"What better way to show your happiness on your wedding day than with tears?" asks Tamara Gruner of Tamara Gruner Photography. "I love this moment where our bride looked at her almost-husband with tears in her eyes, with a beautiful look on her face that said "I love you.'"

Emotional Ceremonies

"It's so special to capture ceremonies the couple has really put a lot of thought into," says Emily Delamater of Emily Delamater Photography. "During this wedding, many guests stood up to speak about how they knew the bride and groom and give them a blessing. Watching the couple's faces in reaction was so beautiful — laughter, tears, love... it was just too good."

Post-Ceremony Joy

"There is an amazing energy right after the bride and groom kiss for the first time and walk back up the aisle. I loved capturing this couple as they celebrated with their bridal party immediately following their nuptials," says Jiu.

emily delamater photography

Walking Up the Aisle

"The moment the couple has been announced after the ceremony and heads back up the aisle is a classic, and for good reason! It never gets old. There's always an expression of joy on their faces," says Delamater.

Tamara Gruner Photography

Candid Moments

"I love those candid shots that capture a wedding day's pure happiness," says Gruner. "This groom had a look of "Yes, we did it!" on his face after signing their marriage license. I love how natural and genuine these scenes are."

Tamara Gruner Photography

Brides With Their 'Maids

"It's hard to not be happy surrounded by your best friends. This image is a perfect example of how joyful a bride can be amongst her beloved bridesmaids," Gruner adds.


"I love having time with our couples during sunset," says Delamater. "By this point in the day they are super relaxed, and it serves as a lovely pause away from the party so they can take it all in."

A Sense of Place

If you've chosen a wedding venue that holds meaning for the two of you and your relationship, images that capture where your wedding was held can be incredibly powerful. "Environmental portraits make the viewer feel what it was like to be in that particular place at that particular moment," says Nashan.

The Big Exit

"So many emotions swell as the bride is waiting to enter the ceremony, with the groom, her parents, and all the guests waiting for her to arrive. While I love capturing the beginning of a wedding, after getting married myself I found a new love for the height of jubilation a couple feels (along with some relief!) as the wedding day comes to an end. The exit shots always have the biggest smiles, and you can really see the joy, completely uninhibited by stress," says John Cain Sargent of John Cain Photography.

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