Watch This Wedding Photographer Shove Bride's Stepmother For A Photo


Updated 10/11/18

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When it comes to picking a wedding photographer there are a few questions you should ask them. You should ask them about their style, how much experience they have, and how much they will charge you. Most importantly, you should check if they are willing to stop at nothing to get the perfect shot like photographer Ashley Easterling.

A now-viral video shows Easterling pushing the bride, Lorna Gantt's stepmother out of the way in order to capture the couple's first kiss.

Just as the officiant declared Gantt and her now-husband, Josh, a married couple, Gantt’s stepmother stepped in front of the photographer. Without skipping a beat, Easterling elbowed the stepmother out of the way and ultimately captured the moment. Huzzah!

“Y’all. Watch until the end,” Gantt wrote on Facebook with a video of her ceremony. “Watch my photographer push my step mom out of the way to try to capture our moment. She doesn’t find it very funny. But I do. Lmao Ashley is a savage.”

According to Yahoo!, the photographer responded in the Facebook comments to defend herself.

“I politely asked several times for her to move,” Easterling wrote. “She popped off something smart.... I told her I was the paid photographer, then she told me I wasn’t doing my job and walked right in front of me. Nope. I’m paid to do a job, and dang it... this girl is doing her job one way or the other. I’ve never in my life had to ask anyone more than once. This is a great example of why I say, no cellphones or other cameras during the ceremony.”

Fellow photographers and the rest of the Facebook community have been very supportive of Easterling’s actions, but the way the video has blown up has put a strain on the bride and stepmother’s relationship.

“The viral video that was posted has caused a little bit of conflict between mine and my step mothers relationship, this is nothing new,” Gantt wrote on Facebook. “We have always had a very rocky relationship and bumped heads a lot. She is terribly upset with the feedback of this video which is completely understandable.”

Gantt went on to say that the video, which has over 180,000 views on Easterling’s YouTube page and over 44,000 on Facebook, caused some negative feedback. “I received some very hateful text messages due to the ordeal,” the newlywed wrote. “When the video first went viral my father, step mother and myself laughed hysterically about the whole thing now it’s a big ordeal to where I have received threats because of it. I understand that some of the negative feedback probably embarrassed her but there is plenty of comments of others taking her side on how the shove was a little far fetched. People are going to talk, people are entitled to their own opinions the best way to cope with this is to just simply ignore and laugh about it.”

While Gantt seems to have some sympathy for her stepmother, this internet frenzy was well worth getting the shot. “She didn’t find it funny at first then she did and now she doesn’t,” she ended the post. “That’s okay! My picture was still captured I applaud Ashley for that.”

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