4 Great Ideas for Your Wedding Photo Booth

Updated 10/16/14

Photos (from left to right): Sarah K. Chen Photography; Natalie Bray Photography

Photos (from left to right): Sarah K. Chen Photography; Natalie Bray Photography

Photo booths have practically become a staple at wedding receptions. Whether couples offer them as part of a guest book, as a favor for friends and family, or just as a way to get candid snaps of their loved ones, there are tons of great reasons to consider the fun trend for your big day. While the classic step-in photo booth will always be a option, there are tons of other fun ways to construct your own photo booth, too. Here are some of our favorites:

The Classic Step-In Booth

Renting a traditional step-in photo booth, like the options seen above, is a great option if you want to offer photo strips as favors. Two to four guests can usually squeeze into the booth, so while they're great for couples or small groups of friends, you won't be able to capture any candid shots of your entire high school volleyball team this way. A perk? They make for gorgeous shots of you and your new groom.

The Scenery-Style Photo Booth

Couples who tie the knot at Little Venice Island get to use this playful little backdrop for their photo booth fun, and it's worth considering for your own big day, too. Not only does it allow for plenty of room for friends and family, it also makes for unique shots that your guests won't soon forget!

Photos (from left to right): Readyluck; Carina Skrobecki

The Frame Photo Booth

If your reception space doesn't have room for a devoted photo booth area, consider offering several pretty frames for guests to use to help define their photos. The look is adorable, but also means you don't need to give up much of your coveted space.

The Prop Photo Booth

While you can incorporate props into any photo booth, they work particularly well when you have a large, bare backdrop for guests to play with. These couples offered colorful wigs, fun accessories like sunglasses and mustaches, and chalkboard signs that loved ones could customize.

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