Group Weddings Are Now a Thing With "the Wedding Party" Festival

Bachelor star Ben Higgins is creating a one-of-a-kind wedding event

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For some couples, saving money on a wedding is more important than a personalized day. If the idea of tying the knot with dozens of other couples in one big group wedding celebration sounds right up your alley, you're in luck.

On September 1, 2019, brides and grooms from across the country will meet for "the Wedding Party"—a mass celebration that will wed 12 couples in a joint ceremony and reception. Courtesy of former Bachelor and Bachelorette star Ben Higgins and Dining Out Events, this one-of-a-kind affair will take place in Higgins's hometown of Denver and will be a fraction of the cost of an ordinary wedding.

“I’m a romantic and I always have been,” Higgins said in a press release. “But the modern wedding experience is exploitatively expensive, with tired rituals and too much stress for everyone involved. ‘The Wedding Party’ is a way for couples to share in the fun and excitement at a blown-out shindig with a couple thousand people there to support them!”

The celebration will include food from local restaurants, cocktails made by Denver-area bartenders, and a band and DJ to keep the party going all night long. In addition, brides and grooms can expect wine and beer tents, games, lounge areas, art installations, and mind-blowing wedding cakes and desserts.

“Traditional weddings are expensive, take months of planning, and are stressful for the bride and groom,” the event's executive producer Shalisa Pouw said. “At ‘the Wedding Party’, there’s no nightmarish planning, no stressing about logistics, no seating charts or color palettes or chair rentals or centerpiece themes. Everything is covered in the cost of a ticket. At this wedding, couples get to focus on what’s important: Their commitment to each other and to a good time with their friends and family.”

Couples will spend only a fraction of the cost on this celebration. Each couple is responsible for 100 all-inclusive festival tickets, priced at $150 per person. Couples can either purchase all 100 tickets for a total of $15,000, or they can subsidize their guest tickets. Heather Dwight of Calluna Events will plan the entire event, which includes services such as venue, tenting, stage, dance floor, music, all food and beverage, decor, flowers/bouquets, seating, entertainment, digital copies of all photography, and videography. The event will provide transportation to and from the event, but will not include travel and lodging, wedding dresses/suits, photography prints/photo albums, and pre-event activities.

Couples interested in the affair can apply online now for this one-of-a-kind experience.

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