6 Special Requests to Make at Your Wedding Night Hotel

Rose Petals on the Bed? Check!

couple in bed with room service

Jeremy Banks/Unsplash

Wedding night sex can certainly be amazing. In fact, some brides say it's the best sex they've had in their lives. But there's an easy way to make the evening experience even better—and that's to get your hotel on board with making your room space extra special.

"Humans, in general, are aesthetically sensitive about having the right setting for wedding night sex," explains Gloria Brame, Ph.D., clinical sexologist and sex therapist. "They want it to be perfect and memorable. And if a room smells funny or the bed doesn't look inviting, that may be enough of a let-down to dampen the mood. The happier you feel about your surroundings, the better your mood and your ability to relax and focus on sex."

So here, Brame says, are six special requests you can—and should—make at your hotel for the night of your wedding.

1. Invite an Aesthetician or Makeup Artist up for a Quick Touch Up

After hours on the dance floor and even a few cocktails, "by the time you get to your room, a bride may feel a little bedraggled," Brame says. See if your makeup artist, or even an aesthetician, is willing to make a late-night stop at your room for a quick refresher—and if so, give your hotel the heads-up you'll be expecting a late-night guest. After a fresh makeup application, "you will look as perfect when you come to bed as you did when you walked down the aisle," Brame says.

2. Ask the Hotel to Deliver a Gift to Your New Husband

As Brame points out, "it's usually the brides who are the stars and get the best stuff, from the shower to the bridal dress and bouquet." But on the wedding night, you can let him share in the bounty. "Arrange for the hotel to deliver a gift by surprise for him," says Brame. You can go big or small, but make sure it's special—or maybe even applicable to your evening activities.

3. Add Flowers to Your Hotel Room

You've seen it in a million movies: rose petals scattered on a bed signal sex. That's because, Brame says, "flowers speak the language of love," and even arrangements "add an immediate feel-good touch of class." You can ask your concierge to scatter petals, or deck the room with colorful floral arrangements, Brame suggests.

4. Order Room Service

Brame suggests that you "arrange for room service to deliver a plate of light, energy-packed treats to share before the big event." But avoid certain items that may be on the menu. "A chocolate or two is nice, but avoid carbs before sex or you could slow down your game," she warns. "Eat clean and make it all about protein on a plate for that natural energy boost. And don't overeat to help you go all night long."

5. Ask the Hotel to Freshen up Your Room

Some people enjoy that "hotel smell," but others might prefer to mask it. One way to do that, Brame says, is to "ask for an aroma diffuser or a plug-in like Febreze in your favorite scent to dispel the hotel smell and help you relax." The best sexy scents, she suggests, are lavender and vanilla.

6. Arrange for a Couples' Massage

If you're particularly adventurous—or really need to relax—Brame suggests arranging for the hotel to send two massage therapists to your room after the reception. "A half-hour massage can awaken your senses, relax you all over, and get you both ready to rock and roll," she says. But stick to that half-hour mark. "Longer than half an hour and you may be too relaxed to do anything!" Brame warns.

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