8 Wedding Movies on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Start poppin' the corn!

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Having the time for a true Netflix binge might seem like rare treat for the wedding planning bride-to-be, but it can also be an essential way to kick back and decompress from all the stress.

If a night on your couch with Netflix streaming is just what the doctor ordered, you’re in luck. You can still keep up the wedding spirit with the myriad of wedding-themed movies at your fingertips.

Here are some of our favorite wedding movies on Netflix right now!

The Week Of

In-law interaction can sometimes be a bit weird. The awkwardness gets ramped up to 10 in The Week Of, where Adam Sandler and Chris Rock costar as dads (very different dads) who have to spend a week together leading up to their kids tying the knot. Steve Buscemi and Rachel Dratch also appear in this clash-of-worlds comedy.

Meet the Parents

An instant classic, Meet the Parents sees Ben Stiller’s Greg head to his girlfriend Pam’s parents’ house for the first time. Robert DeNiro gives perhaps his best strictly comedic performance as the patriarch who is skeptical of his daughter’s new beau. Greg hopes to propose to Pam, but will he feel accepted enough by her family?


You’ve probably been on some pretty wild bachelorette parties, but perhaps nothing quite like the craziness depicted in the 2012 comedy Bachelorette. Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, and Isla Fisher star as friends of Rebel Wilson’s Becky, the bachelorette who endured years of ridicule in high school. Bachelorette plays like a female-fronted version of The Hangover—a party that gets crazier and crazier as it goes on.

Mamma Mia!

The 2008 film version of the Broadway musical based on the music of ABBA tells the story of bride-to-be Sophie (Amanda Seyfried), who surprises her mother Donna (the inimitable Meryl Streep) by inviting three men to the wedding, any of whom could be her father. Christine Baranski and Julie Walters also feature as Donna’s best friends and former bandmates, the Dynamos. Mamma Mia! is a fun, romantic watch, and it’s just plain enjoyable to watch all these great actors sing and dance and, well, having the time of their life.

Jenny’s Wedding

Jenny (Katherine Heigl) has long wanted to get married, and her family has also wanted the same for her (and keeps needling her about the ticking of her biological clock). Jenny is ready to tie the knot, but her conservative, religious family are taken aback when they learn that Jenny is a lesbian and wants to marry a woman, Kitty, her secret partner of five years (Alexis Bledel).

Wedding Unplanned

You may or may not have “accidentally” found out about your significant other’s plans to propose to you. In the French film Wedding Unplanned, Juliette finds a wedding planner’s business card on her boyfriend, but it’s not exactly for the reasons you may think. It just so happens that the wedding planner is an...um...friend of Juliette’s boyfriend. Awkward.

The Decoy Bride

Hollywood actress Lara just wants to marry her fiancé James in peaceful, private bliss. They jet off to a remote island in Scotland thinking they’ll be safe, but the world’s media and paparazzi descend on the hideaway. Determined to go on with the wedding, Lara’s management team casts a local girl to play the part of Lara in a staged sham of a ceremony. Will the media fall for it, or will the decoy bride and the groom fall for each other instead?

I Love You, Man

Peter (Paul Rudd) is a sweet guy, always trying to be the perfect fiancé to Zooey. The problem is that, with their wedding coming up, Pete, who never made time for guy friends, doesn’t have a best man. Pete goes out seeking a male friend, eventually finding the open-minded, free-spirited Sydney (Jason Segel). A bromance ensues, even if Pete isn’t sure that what Sydney wants for Pete is best for Pete and Zooey’s upcoming marriage.

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